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AFT - College Policies VIII, IX, X, and XI

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College Policy VIII


A.    Appointment of all new Employees shall be made by the College’s chief executive officer or her/his designee upon recommendation of the hiring administrator.

B.    The appropriate administratorshall receive and forward to the department (or its review committee) all applications for hire in that department.

C.    Normally the responsibility for initiating recommendations for hire shall reside with the members of the department where the new hire will be working provided the department (or its review committee) adheres to guidelines offered to the department setting forth the College's requirements in relation to budgetary planning, affirmative action, rank structure, and specific courses to be taught.  These guidelines shall be provided prior to the initiation of any recruitment efforts.

D.   Recommendations for hiring new teachers shall be subject to the mutual approval of the department (or its review committee) and the College’s chief academic officer or her/his designee, unless the department (or its review committee) fails to adhere to Paragraph C above.

E.    Appointments of new Counselors and Librarians shall be made in the same manner as described above; the hiring of Audio-Visual Specialists and Educational Technicians shall be subject to the consideration of the appropriate department (or its review committee).

College Policy IX


No student's grade may be altered without the approval of the Employee who gave that grade in the first instance.  In the event a question arises with respect to a grade given by an Employee who has left the employment of the College, the matter shall be referred to the appropriate department which shall decide whether a change is appropriate, and if so, shall initiate the appropriate change of grade procedure.


College Policy X


The College will continue with its present policies regarding health services for students and will attempt to improve these services.

On each campus an administrator shall be designated who will provide emergency medical and health referrals and information.

Each campus will promulgate procedures describing actions to be taken in the event of a medical emergency.


College Policy XI


Practices presently in existence for the scheduling of campus meetings shall remain in effect for the duration of this Agreement.