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Each of us, no matter our differences, are connected. To our community. And to one another. We share problems… and we each play a significant role in making our community a better place to live and work.  That’s why we LIVE UNITED and give to United Way. Because we’re all in this together.

Last year, together, CCAC employees made a difference in our community. Your gift to United Way’s Impact Fund generated results by supporting the best agencies and programs dedicated to:

  • Helping financially struggling adults and families with immediate needs and long-term self-sufficiency,
  • Helping teens and young adults succeed in school, at work and in life,
  • Reducing risk factors for younger children such as the effects of abuse and neglect,
  • Enabling frail seniors and adults with disabilities to maintain independence.

As you consider your personal gift, take a look below to find out all your gift can do:

$1 per pay supports

  • Early childhood learning books for 13 families in the YMCA family support program
  • One hour of skills instruction, case management or vocational training for an individual with physical challenges

$2 per pay supports

  • One child with a week of after-school activities including homework assistance and health/wellness programs
  • Needs assessment, counseling and training for eight blind seniors to help them become independent

$4 per pay provides

  • A night of shelter for an at-risk child and mother fleeing an abusive home
  • More than four hours of skills training for a physically challenged individual

$6 per pay offers

  • Assistance with interview/work attire for two disadvantaged teens or young adults in need of employment
  • One Silver Sneaker fitness membership for a senior

$10 per pay enables

  • Support for one family's access to a weekly food bank
  • Ten in-home maintenance exercise sessions for two limited-income individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

$20 per pay funds

  • Summer day camp for children whose parent/s are in full-time drug and alcohol treatment
  • Technical assistance to 40 families on issues that relate to their children and special education needs

$40 per pay covers

  •  Subsidized child care expenses for two low-income families during job search activities
  • Ten hours of professional counseling for a victim of partner violence

CCAC is proud of the leadership role our employees have taken in giving back to our community through the United Way. This year, the campaign will begin January 13, 2014 and will run until April 15, 2014. We’re committed to increasing our support so that we can pull together to help make a difference in what matters for all our friends and neighbors. With your support we can do it. Thank you very much for making a difference and creating lasting change for our neighbors in need. 




United Way Donation Codes for CCAC Programs


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Child Development Center South Campus 


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Child Development Center Allegheny Campus


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Child Development Center North Campus 


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Child Development Boyce Campus 


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Supportive Services Allegheny Campus


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Supportive Services Boyce Campus


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Supportive Services North Campus


 CCAC Educational Foundation
 Supportive Services South Campus


Visit the United Way web site for more information.

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