Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Early Intervention Resources for Student Support Staff

The Student Support Staff are tasked with connecting students referred for Early Intervention with existing college resources and providing feedback to faculty regarding the status of the student intervention.

Who are the Student Support Staff?

There are several Student Support groups that will process Early Intervention referrals.  These include the College’s Counselors, Supportive Services staff members, Perkins Grant Staff members, Counselors for Pittsburgh Promise, the staff of KEYS and others.

Who processes which referral?

  • Students identified by the Supportive Services flag are always served by the Supportive Services staff
  • Students identified by the Pittsburgh Promise flag are served by the Pittsburgh Promise Counselors, unless they are also flag as Supportive Services
  • Students identified by ACT 101, KEYS or VETS flags will be served by staff in those areas unless they are also flagged for Supportive Services or Pittsburgh Promise
  • If a student falls into two or more of these “smaller” groups – the two groups will communicate with each other regarding who will serve the student
  • The Perkins Grant staff will provide services to all Career and Technical Education students (Perkins staff, by state grant guidelines, are not permitted to assist students with Development Course work, even if they are a CTE student)
  • College Counselors will serve those students who were not identified as belong to any previously mentioned group
  • College Counselors will also provide services to CTE students who are referred for Developmental Courses
  • Distance Learning Courses are now associated with specific campuses and referred students will be served by the campus staff members associated with their course

Feedback to Faculty

Student Support Staff members should document all attempts to contact and all interactions with referred students using the appropriate Datatel Colleague screens. 

For technical support with the feedback form, please contact the CCAC ServiceDesk  at 412.237.8700.

Student Lingo

CCAC is excited to offer students a new online service, Student Lingo, where students can access interactive on-demand video workshops, action plans, and valuable resources designed to promote success in all areas of life. Follow the link to Student Lingo, choose any of the workshops and start reaching your goals today.