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Green Jobs

Green jobs—everyone is talking about them. You want to know what they are, what training you need and if your current occupational skills have application in this growing area of the economy. While there is no consensus as to what constitutes a green job, the fact is, almost any job can be associated with the green movement, from an accountant who works for a wind turbine manufacturer to a roustabout on an oil rig to a solar panel installer.



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    Sample training for green jobs
    offered through CCAC:

    • automotive mechanic    
    • CAD operator
    • carpenter
    • civil engineer
    • computer security administrator
    • construction estimator
    • construction supervisor
    • e-commerce
    • electrician
    • heavy equipment operator
    • HVAC technician
    • iron worker
    • plumber
    • sheet metal worker
    • stationary engineer
    • welding technician    
    • weatherization installer