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Mounzer Fatfat, PhD

Mounzer Fatfat, PhD is senior advisor to the United States Department of State currently working on the Middle East Peace Initiative, an ongoing effort to secure peace between Israelis and the Palestinians. This follows a distinguished career with the State Department where he served in Iraq as senior advisor to the Coalition Provisional Authority before being appointed as chief liaison with the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Olympic Committee of Iraq. Instrumental in the rebirth of the Iraqi Olympic Movement, his efforts also laid the foundation for the Iraqi soccer team that won the Asian Cup in July 2007.

Since graduating from CCAC in 1980 with an Associate of Science degree, Dr. Fatfat has earned BA, MBA, MEd and PhD degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. In 1997, while still a doctoral candidate, he began working for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In 1999, he transitioned to a position with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) where he coordinated youth relief efforts in Kosovo. The following spring, he was named minister for youth and sports for the United Nations Mission in Kosovo and in February 2002, Dr. Fatfat was appointed senior advisor of the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations where he provided direct support for Kosovo’s provisional government and coordinated programs between various UN agencies and other organizations and municipalities.

Since leaving Kosovo in 2003, Dr. Fatfat has helped secure more than $10 million in scholarships for Kosovar and Middle Eastern students to study in the US.

CCAC is proud to call Mounzer Fatfat, PhD a distinguished alumnus and friend.

Mounzer Fatfat, PhD
('80, Allegheny, Business)
Distinguished Alumnus