Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

College Council Shared Governance Initiatives 2009-2010

1Proposal: Audit Form and Procedure10/8/0910/27/09
2Proposal: Update Drug and Alcohol Policy for Students10/8/0910/27/09
3Proposal: Foodservice, Lodging and Recreation Management Programs10/8/0910/27/09
4Proposal: Fundamentals of Programming using 3-D Animation10/29/0911/3/09
5Proposal: CIT Course Deletions10/29/0911/3/09
6Proposal: CIT Program Changes10/29/0911/3/09
7Proposal: CIT Course Changes10/29/0911/3/09
8Proposal: Time line for summer schedule building and registration10/29/0911/3/09
9Proposal: Academic Calendars for 2012 and 201310/29/0911/3/09
10Proposal: Changes to the Civil Engineering Technology (400) Program and the Drafting and/or Surveying Certificate (277) Program11/12/0911/16/09
11Proposal: Changes to Early Education and Child Development Program12/10/0912/16/09
12Proposal: Changes in Teacher Education Program (099.2)12/10/0912/16/09
13Proposal: Changes in Teacher's Assistant Programs (680.3; 679.2)12/10/0912/16/09
14Proposal: Non-Discrimination Policy Update for Student and Faculty Handbook, and College Catalog12/10/0912/16/09
15Proposal: Changes in Nursing Program Admission Criteria12/10/0912/16/09
16Proposal: Revision of the Radiation Therapy Technology (RTT) Program Description to include Learning Objectives and Accrediting Agency Contact Information1/28/102/4/10
17Proposal: Recommendations for Full Time Hiring Rankings, 2010-2011 AY and recommendations for the Minority Intern Hiring Rankings, 2010-2011 AY2/25/103/1/10
18Proposal: Addition to Student Code of Behavioral Conduct2/25/103/1/10
19Proposal: Addition of Advisory Statements for BIO 110 and BIO 151; Editorial Correction to BIO 151 Prerequisite Description on Common Course Syllabus Document2/25/103/1/10
20Proposal: Revise CHM 120, Bio-organic Chemistry2/25/103/1/10
21Proposal: Behavioral Intervention Team Language for Student Handbook3/11/103/15/10
22Proposal: Bulletin Board Policy3/11/103/15/10
23Proposal: Deletion of the Banking Management Program (213) and its associated courses3/25/103/29/10
24Proposal: Delete CHM 124, Nuclear and Radiochemistry3/25/103/29/10
25Proposal: MAT course changes3/25/103/29/10
26Proposal: Revisions to Tourism Management (423.2)3/25/103/29/10
27Proposal: Electrical Construction (JATC/IBEW) Technology Proposal3/25/103/29/10
28Proposal: Recommendations to Improve Program Review Process3/25/103/29/10
29Program/Discipline Review: Psychology3/25/103/29/10
30Proposal: Medical Laboratory Assistant Program (571) Course Revisions4/8/104/15/10
31Proposal: Medical Laboratory Technician Program (525) and Course Revisions4/8/104/15/10
32Proposal: Pharmacy Technician Degree Program (518.1) and Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program (418.1) and Course Revisions4/8/104/15/10
33Proposal: CCAC Prior Learning Assessment Process4/8/104/15/10
34Proposal: Medical Insurance Specialist Program (595.1) and Course Revisions4/22/104/28/10
35Proposal: Electronic Engineering Technology (300) Proposal4/22/104/28/10
36Proposal: Course Revisions for Education Courses4/22/104/28/10
37Proposal: Humor in the Classroom4/22/104/28/10
38Proposal: Revisions to the Radiologic Technology (RAD) Program Description and Course Syllabi (as listed below) to included Learning Objectives and Additions to the Accrediting Agency Contact Information RAD107, RAD108, RAD157, RAD158, RAD207, RAD208, RAD217, RAD218, RAD2584/22/104/28/10
39Proposal: Health Unit Coordinator Program (537) Deletion4/22/104/28/10
40Proposal: Revisions to the Respiratory Therapy (540) Program Description to Include Program Learning Objectives and the Accrediting Agency Information4/22/104/28/10
41Proposal: Tiered Probation Policy4/22/104/28/10
42Proposal: Revisions to the Student Academic Complaint Procedure "Relative to the Associate Dean of Nursing"4/22/104/28/10
43Program/Discipline Review: Art (026)4/22/104/28/10
44Program/Discipline Review: Engineering -- Robotics and Automated Systems Technology (435), Integrated Systems Engineering Technology (720), Integrated Systems Technology (721), Manufacturing Technology (705.3), Nanofabrication Technology (709), Basic Machine (706)4/22/104/28/10
45Proposal: Revisions to the Surgical Technology (530.1) Degree and Surgical Technology (583.1) Certificate Program Descriptions and to the SUR Course Syllabi5/6/105/19/10
46Proposal: Addition of a new associate degree in Nanotechnology5/6/105/19/10
47Proposal: Addition of two new courses: THE 216, Film Worker 1 and THE 226, Film Worker 25/6/105/19/10
48Proposal: Updates to Foreign Language Curriculum5/6/105/19/10
49Proposal: New Spanish Courses5/6/105/19/10
50Proposal: SPH106 Interpersonal Communication Skills for the Workplace5/6/105/19/10
51Proposal: Revisions to the Massage Therapist Certificate (695) Program5/6/105/19/10
52Proposal: Revisions to the (MAS) Massage Therapy Degree (443) Program5/6/105/19/10
53Proposal: Activities Professional Program (415) Deletion5/6/105/19/10
54Proposal: Changes to CCAC/IUP Education Collaborative Program5/6/105/19/10
55Proposal: Addition of a new Homeland Security (HLS) associate degree (615), certificate (616) and seven new courses5/6/105/19/10
56Proposal: Adjustment of Children on Campus statement5/6/105/19/10
57Proposal: Revision: Late Registration policy5/6/105/19/10
58Program/Discipline Review: Medical Laboratory Assistant Program (571)5/6/105/19/10
59Program/Discipline Review: Medical Laboratory Technician Program (525)5/6/105/19/10
60Program/Discipline Review: Foreign Language Discipline Review5/6/105/19/10