Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Colleague FOS Implementation Plan

Email invitation with schedule will be sent both the employee and his/her supervisor. Specific invitations for required training will only be sent to all users with update rights. Supervisors will be asked to enroll their employees via the Enrollme system. (See sample announcement.)

Supervisors and users may reexamine the need for these rights if the employee reports that he/ she does not utilize the module as outlined in the invitation. Supervisors must follow-up to request changes in security profiles for these employees. 

What if someone does not score at least 70%?

Participants are welcome to retake the quiz at a later date; they may also review the online training materials to review for the retake. The Colleague E-Learning site is available on Blackboard, so employees will be able to study from home or off campus.

PHASE I - Ongoing

Core Demographics (NAE)—in person workshop

Communications Management (DOC, PCB)—in person workshop


Sections (SECT)

Purchasing (REQM)

Organizations (ORGP)

Registration (RGN)

Accounts Receivable (CREN)

Financial Aid (AIDE)

Payroll (STPS)

In person workshops are available. View the training calendar at EnrollMe.