Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Payroll - Act 32 - Local Wage Tax Withholding

Residency Certification Form

Effective January 1, 2012 the Community College of Allegheny County is required to begin withholding local income tax as mandated by Act 32.  The act requires employers in Pennsylvania to withhold Local Earned Income Taxes on behalf of their employees.  The tax must be withheld at the higher of the following two rates:  the employee’s resident tax rate (where they live) or the non-resident tax rate for the municipality in which they work (most, but not all non-resident tax rates are 1% or less).

A Residency Certification form is REQUIRED to be completed by each employee, according to Act 32. Current employees must submit this form by December 9, 2011. The form is used to indentify the political subdivision (PSD) where the employee lives and the political subdivision in which they work. All new employees are REQUIRED to fill out this residency certification form as part of the hiring process. In addition, any employee who changes their work location, name, and/or home address is required to complete a new form.

Forms should be submitted to:

800 Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15233 

Questions may be directed to the Payroll Department, 412.237.3085.


Employee Information - Residence Location Section

Enter your Name, street address (no PO boxes), city, state, zip, phone, municipality (city borough,or township), and county. 

Then lookup and enter the PSD Code for your municipality on the website, select Get Local Gov Support, >Municipal Statistics. 

If you cannot determine your Resident PSD code for your municipality by using the website then you should request this code from the wage tax office to which you are currently remitting these taxes.

Employer Information - Employment Location Section

Enter one of the following Employment Location's address, associated PSD Code and rate.  

If none of the above applies, then use the location below from where you are dispatched or from where you receive your supervision or direction. (For instance, an employee of CCAC who teaches a paramedic course at the Chippewa Twp. VFD would indicate a work location of CCAC Allegheny Campus, 808 Ridge Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212, because they are dispatched from the Public Safety Office located on that campus.)

If you work at more than one CCAC location choose the one from those listed below at which you perform the majority of your service. 

College Campuses:

Allegheny Campus

Boyce Campus

North Campus

South Campus

College Centers:

Office of College Services

Braddock Hills Center

Homewood-Brushton Center

Washington County Center

West Hills Center

Certification Section

Sign and date the form, include the phone and email where you can be contacted if we have questions regarding the information you supplied on the form.

Allegheny Campus (Back)
808 Ridge Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Pittsburgh Non-resident rate= 1%
PSD Code= 700102


Boyce Campus (Back)
595 Beatty Road
Monroeville, PA 15146
Monroeville Non-resident rate = 0%
PSD Code= 720301


North Campus (Back)
8701 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
McCandless Non-resident rate= 0%
PSD Code= 710704


South Campus (Back)
1750 Clairton Road
West Mifflin, PA 15122
West Mifflin Non-resident rate = 1%
PSD Code= 732001

Office of College Services (Back)
800 Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Pittsburgh Non-resident rate = 1%
PSD Code= 700102


CCAC Centers

Braddock Hills Center (Back)
250 Yost Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Braddock Hills Non-resident rate = 0%
PSD Code= 721002


Homewood-Brushton Center (Back)
701 N. Homewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Pittsburgh Non-resident rate = 1%
PSD Code= 700102


Washington County Center (Back)
1500 West Chestnut Street
Washington, PA 15301
North Franklin Non-resident rate = 0%
PSD Code= 631303


West Hills Center (Back)
1000 McKee Road
Oakdale, PA 15071
North Fayette Non-resident rate = 1%
PSD Code= 731802