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Architectural Drafting and Design Technology - Employment

Employment Page Archtecture & DesignThe Architectural Drafting and Design Technology program prepares graduates for employment in architectural and related fields. Students will use computer-aided drafting to prepare various architectural drawings of structures and equipment systems derived from layouts and sketches.

Salary & Growth


The Three Rivers Workforce Investment Area has included Architectural Drafting on its 2011 High Priority Occupations list. According to its data, entry-level architectural drafters make approximately $33,870, the average annual wage is $46,000 and the experienced drafters make approximately $52,100. Even though the employment opportunities from 2008–2018 will drop by 15.84%, the annual job openings will be approximately 29 per year1.


The 2010 state data shows salary ranges from $30,200 to $64,700. There is no growth in architectural drafting in Pennsylvania in the 2008–2018 decade; there will be a 9% decrease in job opportunities, dropping from 5,800 jobs to 5,300 job opportunities. Consequently there will only be about 170 job openings per year.2

National Level:

The national outlook on Architectural Drafting varies according to the source used. The Occupational Outlook Handbook has a 4% increase of architectural drafting job opportunities between 2008–2018. That is a slower than average rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates a 9% increase in job openings which represents an average growth. National wages range from $30, 000 to $72,2003.

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