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Student Success Coaches provide support to students at all campuses and centers who are taking developmental coursework based on their placement test results. Some of the services they provide include reviewing students’ goals for enrolling in college, explaining college policies and procedures, monitoring student attendance and making referrals to tutoring and other campus services.


16-week term classes begin August 18

14-week term classes begin September 2 (online learning, college centers, and evening courses)

Fall Break- October 13 and October 14

Midterm Grades are available on October 16

Last day to withdraw with a “W” grade- 16-week courses- October 22, and 14-week courses is October 28

*If you want more information on what a “W” grade is, meet with your success coach to go over what it is, and if and how your financial aid will be affected if you withdrawal from your course(s).

Thanksgiving Break- November 26-30

Final Examinations- December 9-15

Grades available on December 18

*Make sure you see your Student Success Coach within the first two weeks of classes

Financial Aid Information - Beginning with the spring 2014 semester, Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loan credits will be applied to the student’s account in two (2) installments per semester. These credits will occur on the 30th calendar day and at the 60th percent point of the semester. Each credit will represent 50 percent of the student’s approved loan funds for the semester minus the federally appropriated loan fee of 1.072 percent. Refunds will be issued within 14 days after the credit dates listed. There is no change in the crediting of Federal Pell Grants, which will continue to be credited in one installment on the 30th calendar day of the semester. If the 30th calendar day falls on a weekend, aid will be applied to the account on the previous business day. If a credit balance refund is due the student, the refund is made to the student within 14 days after the financial aid is posted, as mandated by federal law. A refund will be issued only if the student’s balance is paid in full.

*Do not forget that you need to meet with your Student Success Coach each semester that you are enrolled in developmental coursework.



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