Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

101 Things to Do Your First Semester

Print this list.


  1. See your academic advisor.
  2. Make and keep a copy of your class schedule.
  3. Apply for financial aid.
  4. Make an appointment through Appointment Central.
  5. Locate your classrooms.
  6. Be early for every class.
  7. Learn your professors’ names and office hours.
  8. Only buy your books after the professor tells you in class what books to buy.
  9. Check out the bookstore refund policy before you buy books.
  10. Buy books online, purchase used books, or even rent books.
  11. Take a career test at the Counseling Center.
  12. Take a walk to the Fitness Center and work out.
  13. Join a club.
  14. Join an athletic team.
  15. Go on trips with Student Life, the Art Club, or the International Club.
  16. Update your résumé.
  17. Apply for work study positions on campus.
  18. Look for jobs on College Central.
  19. Use the free online tutoring.
  20. Get your student ID for on-campus services, like the library, computer labs, etc.
  21. Borrow novels from the Library.
  22. Check out movies from the Library to watch at home.
  23. Read magazines and periodicals in the library.
  24. Visit a counselor for any personal or academic problems.
  25. Seek out a tutor for academic help.
  26. Contact Job Placement and Career Services to help you find a job.
  27. Attend one of the on-campus job fairs.
  28. Tell someone about Enrollment Express Days.
  29. Enjoy one of the CCAC art shows.
  30. Watch a free concert or another act on campus.
  31. Cheer at a CCAC sporting event.
  32. Sign up for Student Government.
  33. Submit an article to your campus newspaper.
  34. Take photos for the campus newspaper.
  35. Talk with your professor.
  36. Visit the Library and Learning Center.
  37. Write down the dates to drop or add a class.
  38. Ask a question of faculty or staff.
  39. Study even when you don’t feel like it.
  40. Talk with a transfer counselor if you are planning a four year degree.
  41. Do some online research at a Computer Center.
  42. Bring your laptop to wifi areas on campus.
  43. Go to all of your classes.
  44. Study two hours each week for every hour in class.
  45. Call the CCAC Service Desk at 412.237.8700 if you need computer help.
  46. Set up your NET ID to use the CCAC computers.
  47. Visit the writing center for help with term papers.
  48. Write down three careers you are interested in pursuing.
  49. Apply for a co-op or internship through Job Placement and Career Services.
  50. Join the Disney Club to spend a semester in Florida.
  51. Get discounted tickets for a variety of local events through Student Life.
  52. Join a choral group or jazz band on campus.
  53. Request a copy of the Graduation Checklist from your advisor.
  54. Get a parking pass from your campus Safety and Security office.
  55. Start a study group.
  56. Plan to Graduate.
  57. Find out if degree completion programs are offered at your campus.
  58. Investigate cross-registration possibilities at other schools.
  59. Tell someone that computers are in the Library, Learning Center, and a Computer Center.
  60. Arrive early and get the best parking spot.
  61. Apply for scholarships through the CCAC Educational Foundation.
  62. Eat at your campus cafeteria for lunch.
  63. Learn what course section numbers mean, i.e., the difference between AIN1 and BC85W.
  64. Inform the Financial Aid Office if you drop or add a class.
  65. Introduce yourself to your classmates.
  66. Find a “study buddy” in each class.
  67. Know your campus Safety & Security office phone number in case of emergencies.
  68. Locate your campus emergency wall phones to call security if needed.
  69. Online learners:  log in to Blackboard.
  70. Set up your CCAC e-Central e-services account to check your grades.
  71. Like CCAC on Facebook and Twitter.
  72. Ask a dean a question using Online Dean.
  73. Check your academic e-mail. 
  74. Locate the faculty mailboxes.
  75. Read your course outline for each class.
  76. Ask for a copy of the Student Handbook from the Admissions Office or find it online.
  77. Develop a student life transcript.
  78. Research the requirements to join Phi Theta Kappa.
  79. Buy supplies at the bookstore.
  80. Label all your personal items/books, flash drives, etc. in case you lose something.
  81. Access the academic calendars online for important dates.
  82. Check with the Safety & Security Office if you lose something.
  83. Turn in any found items to the Safety & Security office.
  84. Inform your professor ahead of time if you know you can’t make a class.
  85. Read ahead and plan for your next class meeting.
  86. Seek help immediately if you have trouble with a class.
  87. Read about academic complaint procedures (see page 17 in your Student Handbook).
  88. Apply to the Honors Program.
  89. Become a peer tutor.
  90. Take care of your child at an on-campus Child Development Center.
  91. Contact the Supportive Services office if you need special accommodations due to disabilities.
  92. Talk about medical withdrawals at the Supportive Services office.
  93. Take care of tuition and financial matters.
  94. Buy a bus pass.
  95. Make a photocopy at the campus library.
  96. Locate the closest exit in case of an emergency evacuation.
  97. Show your Student ID card at community venues in the area to get student discounts.
  98. Get your free Job Search Manual in the Job Placement & Career Services office.
  99. Participate in daily intramural activities hosted by the Student Life office.
  100. Make plans to transfer after two years at CCAC.
  101. Get on the dean’s list.