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Gambino & Petrelli Families Science Laboratory Dedication

The CCAC Educational Foundation celebrated the dedication of the Gambino and Petrelli Families Science Laboratory at noon Saturday, October 20, at CCAC–West Hills Center in Oakdale, Pa. As CCAC alumni, Charlene and Dominic Petrelli have been ardent supporters of the college and its mission. Read entire press release.

Charlene Petrelli’s RemarksPetrelli-Image-for-Web.jpg

Thank you, Dr. Imhoff. Good afternoon everyone, and thank you for coming.

On behalf of Dominic and the rest of our family members, we are honored to dedicate this state-of-the-art science laboratory in our family names.

As I was preparing my remarks, I admit to feeling a twinge of emotion as I recalled the first day that I stepped foot on the South Campus of CCAC. We have come “full circle”!

As many of you know, Dominic and I were both non-traditional students who began our academic journey at CCAC. That journey ended in the completion of a Masters degree at Temple University for me, and the completion of two Masters degrees at Duquesne University for Dom. He likes to show me that anything I can do, he can do better! Seriously though, because of the strong educational foundation we received at CCAC we were able to be successful in our continuing education and in our careers. We count ourselves among the distinguished group of CCAC alumni cheerleaders, who are passionate about the mission of the college.

As many of you also know, Dominic is an engineer for whom the pursuit of science knowledge was, is and continues to be key. For me, working in the natural gas industry I know that the projections for technical workforce needs outweigh the predictions for graduates. If we want those good-paying jobs to be filled by local workers, we all have an obligation to encourage both young people and those not-so-young people making a career change to consider science and technical careers. Dominic and I hope that contributing to state-of-the-art facilities, such as this one, will be among the selling points as individuals weigh their career choice alternatives.

Although he did not ask me to speak for him, I believe Greg Peaslee would add that science is key to training nurses and allied health professionals to continue Pittsburgh’s proud tradition of providing quality medical care. CCAC has been recognized for the quality and quantity of our nursing graduates, which is another tradition we would like to continue.

So on behalf of the Gambino and Petrelli families, Dominic and I sincerely appreciate your sharing this special day with us. 

Thank you.

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