Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

College Council Shared Governance Initiatives 2012-2013

1Proposal: Revisions to the Surgical Technology (#530.1) Degree and Surgical Technology (#583.1) Certificate Programs to be Compliant with the required Core Curriculum for Surgical Technology 6th Edition10/11/12  10/15/12
2Program/Discipline Review: Respiratory Therapy (RES) Program (Degree #540)10/11/1210/15/12
3Program/Discipline Review: Central Services Technician #43810/11/1210/15/12
4Proposal: Directory Information (FERPA): add student mailing addresses and email addresses to CCAC's items included in directory information11/8/1211/15/12
5Proposal:  Remove pre-requisite on GGY 202 - Historical Geology11/8/1211/15/12
6Proposal: PSY 270 - Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences11/8/1211/15/12
7Proposal: Multimedia Web Programming (104.2)11/8/1211/15/12
8Proposal: Health & Physical Education (020.1) Proposal11/8/1211/15/12
9Proposal: Maintenance Mechanics Technology (MMT) Proposal11/8/1211/15/12
10Proposal: Add THE 116, Physical Approaches to Acting 1 and THE 219, Physical Approaches to Acting 211/8/1211/15/12
11Proposal: Addition of a new Transportation Security Administration Diploma (9 credits) and three new courses11/8/1211/15/12
12Proposal: Math Associate Degree 043 Program Deletion11/8/1211/15/12
13Proposal:  Recommendations for the Full Time Hiring Rankings, 2013-2014 AY12/13/1211/15/12
14Proposal:  13FA Fall 2013 – Academic Calendar Amendment12/13/1212/19/12
15Proposal:  American Sign Language Interpreting (915.1) Proposal12/13/1212/19/12
16Proposal:  Welding (316.3) Proposal12/13/1212/19/12
17Proposal:  Electronic Engineering Technology (300) Proposal12/13/1212/19/12
18    Proposal:  DIT-201 Dietetic Supervised Practice 1: Revisions of Course Learning Outcomes, Prerequisites and Course Description12/13/1212/19/12
19Proposal:  Revision of Program Title (#050) from Computer & Information Science to Computer Information Systems and Addition of CIT244 to List of Restricted Electives12/13/1212/19/12
20Proposal:  CIT-620 Revisions to the Course Title, Prerequisites, Course Description, Learning Outcomes and Listed Topics12/13/1212/19/12
21Proposal:  Course Revisions to CIT111 & CIT130 and New Course CIT24412/13/1212/19/12
22Program/Discipline Review:  Five Year Program Review:  Tourism Management (423.3)12/13/1212/19/12
23Program/Discipline Review:  Math Program (043) Review12/13/1212/19/12
24Proposal:  Comprehensive Student Development Services Assessment-Office of Financial Aid12/13/1212/19/12
25Proposal: General Education Review and General Education Certificate1/24/131/29/13
26Proposal: Establish Paramedic Certificate and Degree Programs2/14/132/22/12
27Proposal: Revision to the Computed Assisted Tomography Program Course Syllabi (#445.1)2/14/132/22/12
28Proposal: Revision to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program Course Syllabi (#446.1)2/14/132/22/12
29Proposal: Welding, Gas and Oil Certificate (319) Proposal2/14/132/22/12
30Program/Discipline Review: Five Year Program Review: Stationary Operating Engineers2/14/132/22/12
31Program/Discipline Review: Program Review for Computed Assisted Tomography (CAT) Program (Certificate #445.1)2/14/132/22/12
32Program/Discipline Review: Program Review for the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Program (Certificate #446.1)2/14/132/22/12
33Program/Discipline Review:  Program Review for Radiologic Technology (RAD) Program (Degree #558)2/14/132/22/12
34Proposal:  Mandatory Student Orientation2/28/133/11/13
35Proposal:  Admission Policy Change for LPN Entry2/28/133/11/13
36Proposal: Revise learning objective, #6 in the Chemistry program (035.1)4/11/134/16/13
37Proposal: Revise the prerequisite in the course CHM 111, Introductory Chemistry Lab and also add a co-requisite4/11/134/16/13
38Proposal: Revisions of CJC 101, 124, 151, 152, 203, 206, 207 and 209 Master Course Syllabi to comply with the Pa Transfer and Articulation (TAOC) agreement for Criminal Justice.4/11/134/16/13
39Proposal: Calculus Revision4/11/135/28/13
40Proposal: Deletion of MAT1904/11/134/16/13
41Proposal: Co-requisite Revision of MAT2514/11/134/16/13
42Proposal: Architectural Drafting & Design Technology (270.2)4/11/134/16/13
43Proposal: Computer-Aided Drafting & Design Technology (422.1)4/11/134/16/13
44Proposal: Nanofabrication Technology (709) Certificate4/11/134/16/13
45Proposal: Basic Computer-Aided Drafting (717)4/11/134/16/13
46Proposal: Mechanical Drafting and Design Technology (276.1)4/11/134/16/13
47Proposal: Engineering Drafting & Design (EDD) Syllabi Updates Proposal4/11/134/16/13
48Program/Discipline Review: Five Year Program Reviews: Architectural Drafting & Design (270.1), Basic Computer-Aided Drafting (717.1), Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology (422), Mechanical Drafting & Design Technology (276.1)4/11/134/16/13
49Proposal: Add two new courses, BIO 121-Principles of Sustainability and BIO 230-Research Methodology and Quality Assurance 4/25/135/28/13
50Proposal: Add a prerequisite to BUS 130, Business Communications and ACC 104, Financial Accounting4/25/135/28/13
51Proposal: Discontinuing Co-Requisites status for both NUR 110/NUR 120 and NUR 220/NUR230 courses4/25/134/30/13
52Proposal: Change in Women's Study Certificate4/25/134/30/13
53Proposal: Revise PSY 290, Research Methods and Applications course to include the prerequisite of PSY 270, Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences4/25/134/30/13
54Proposal: Editorial change of the Drug and Alcohol (414.1) diploma4/25/134/30/13
55Proposal: Admission Five-Year Comprehensive Student Development Services Assessment4/25/134/30/13
56Program/Discipline Review: Music Program Review4/25/134/30/13
57Program/Discipline Review: Five Year Program Review of the Criminal Justice program (600.5)4/25/134/30/13
58Program/Discipline Review: Program Review for the Health Information Technology Program (#550.3)4/25/134/30/13
60Proposal: Revise Global Studies Program (103) and add POL 204, Comparative Studies course5/9/135/28/13
61Proposal: Revise the Biology program's (031.2) TAOC restricted electives to better fit the requirements of the Pa Transfer and Articulation (TAOC) agreement and add program objective number 55/9/135/28/13
62Proposal: Revision of course title, description, content and corequisities for PTA-203 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries to PTA-203 Specialty Topics in Physical Therapy5/9/135/28/13
63Proposal: Revision of course MDR-203 Health Information Technology Directed Practice 25/9/135/28/13
64Proposal: Change of Math and Physics Courses in the Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) Program of Studies (#555.1)5/9/135/28/13
65Proposal: Revision of the Medical Assistant Programs (#419 & #535)5/9/135/28/13
66Proposal: Cosmetology Management Program (#222.2) Deletion5/9/135/28/13
67Proposal: Revise the Social Work Technician Program (630.3) to include the requirements as mandated by TAOC.  In addition, the TAOC changes include the revision of courses, addition of courses, deletion of courses and certificates and the addition of a new certificate5/9/135/28/13
68Proposal: Revise PAL program (604.2), PAL certificate (605.2) and the PAL 135, Employee Benefits course and delete the PAL 208, Constitutional Criminal Procedure course5/9/135/28/13
69Proposal: Labor & Management Studies (LMS) Certificate5/9/135/28/13
70Proposal: Changes to the Biotechnology Degree Program (416.4)5/9/135/28/13
71Proposal: Changes to the Biotechnology Certificate Program (417.3)5/9/135/28/13
72Proposal: Changes in 3 Biotechnology Courses5/9/135/28/13
73Proposal: Deletion of General Studies AA degree program (087) & Liberal Arts & Sciences AA degree program (002)5/9/135/28/13
74Proposal: Nursing Division Point System Change5/9/135/28/13
75Program/Discipline Review: Program Review for Massage Therapy (MAS) Program (Certificate #403.1)5/9/135/28/13
78Program/Discipline Review: Program Review for Phlebotomist (PHB) Program (Certificate #513.1)5/9/135/28/13
79Program/Discipline Review: PHL Discipline Review5/9/135/28/13
80Program/Discipline Review: Five Year Program Review of the Biology program (031.1)5/9/135/28/13