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Web-based Advising

Advising for Students at a Distance

Students who are located more than 50 miles from a CCAC location and are interested in attending CCAC now have the ability to complete the enrollment process and meet with an academic advisor from a distance using our Web-based Advising. 

To be sure you are able to take advantage of Web Advising, please verify that you meet our technical requirements before proceeding further (Technical Requirements).

Students New to CCAC

If you meet the technical requirements for Web Advising but are not currently a student at CCAC, you should first apply using Apply On-Line: Credit.

If you are a first time, associate degree-seeking student, or a student planning to take an English or mathematics course, or a course with an English, reading or mathematics pre-requisite, you are required to take the CCAC placement test. For details please go to CCAC Placement Tests.

Once you have applied, have been accepted to CCAC, and completed your placement tests, you may meet via Webcam with an academic advisor to complete your registration at the College.

Students with Previous College Experience

If you are new to CCAC but have previous college experience, submit a Transfer of Credit Form (select from the list of forms at that site) and have an official copy of your previous college transcript sent to the Admissions Office of Allegheny Campus (North Shore) or North Campus (Route 19, North Hills). We must receive the official copy of your previous college transcript at least two (2) business days before your scheduled WEB Advising session in order to process it for use by your advisor. 

What Web Advising Can Do For You

All advising at CCAC is a partnership between students, advisors and staff. It is an important source of information and support throughout your academic career at the college. Our goal is to help you meet your goals. With that in mind, on-line advising can:

  • Provide you with program or degree requirements and help you select courses that help you meet those requirements. 
  • Provide information about course scheduling and prepare your registration for processing.
  • Provide information about other college resources, policies and procedures and make referrals to other offices that will help you find answers to more specific problems / issues.

What Web Advising Cannot Do

During your Web Advising session, your academic advisor cannot:

  • Give you information about another student’s personal records or grades. Provide personal counseling.
  • Take a message for your instructors, such as “I will be late for class today.”
  • By-pass college policies.
  • Register you for closed courses or override prerequisites for courses.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Advising Session

Your time is precious.  Make the most of your Web advising session.  Following are a few tips for making your session as productive as possible:

Plan wisely and early – don’t wait until the last minute to schedule an appointment. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the semester for which you are registering for deadline dates.

Know how your education is being funded and the policies and requirements which affect funding before registering for classes.  For information on the financial aid application process, go to  Financial Aid.   You can find complete information on payment information and deadlines at Payment Due Dates.

If you have transcripts from another college or university, make sure they have arrived before you complete your Web advising session.  Remember – we must have an official copy of your transcript(s) from previous college work in our hands no later than two (2) business days before your scheduled Web advising session.  Have copies of those transcripts in front of you for use during your Web advising session.

If you are unsure of your major program of study, contact the Career Counseling Office before scheduling an appointment for Web advising. 

If you are a returning student, know the requirements of your program.  Information on all CCAC programs can be found in the College Catalog.   You can create a tentative schedule of classes for the semester in which you are registering by going to the Credit Schedule for the semester in which you plan to register.

Have your photo ID in front of you when you begin your Web advising session.  Your academic advisor cannot proceed with your appointment if you do not have a valid photo ID.

 Making an Appointment for Web Advising

If you meet all of the requirements for Web advising and have taken the steps outlined above, you can make an appointment for Web advising by going to Appointment Central  Once on that site, select "Online" from the Service drop down box above the calendar and then select "Web Advising" as the Location.  You can select a session only on the dates and at the times indicated in blue on the calendar.  The black number under the date indicates the number of Web advising appointments remaining for that date.  Click on the blue date to make an appointment.  Finish making your appointment by completing the requested information on the right side of the page and clicking "Make Reservation" at the bottom of the form.

 You will receive an email confirming your appointment date and time as well as additional information to help  you better prepare for your Web advising session.  Call the telephone number given in the email if you have questions not addressed by this page or the email confirmation.

It is important that you log-on to your computer and make the connection to Web advising at the time of your scheduled appointment.  We will not be able to hold your appointment for longer than five (5) minutes beyond your scheduled appointment time.

If you are unable to keep your Web advising appointment, please call ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­412.237.4597 and cancel your appointment.

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