Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Bridge to College & Career Pathways Volunteer Tutoring Program

In support of the college’s vision and mission, the CCAC Bridge to College and Career Pathways Program provides educational opportunities to members of the community who are seeking to achieve a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma. The program is open to anyone who has not completed high school and wishes to improve him or herself by increasing their educational level and knowledge. Through active and dedicated participation in the program, learners can expect to increase their educational functioning levels in the areas of Reading, Language, Social Studies and Science and work towards attaining a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma.

Volunteer Tutoring Program

CCAC Volunteer Tutor Information 

The Program's Volunteer Tutoring component is integral to helping to ensure that participants achieve success and make progress toward their goals as quickly as possible. The role of a Volunteer Tutor is to help students advance educationally and facilitate their understanding of the skills and concepts they are learning in the classroom. Tutors also show the students how to integrate work and life skills information into their jobs and lives. The Volunteer Tutor helps the student to build their confidence, increase their self-efficacy and achieve success.

Many of the functions of a Volunteer Tutor transcend the routine explanation of facts and standards associated with the learning process. The program hopes that Volunteer Tutors will provide inspiration to students and this will translate into a life-changing experience for both the student and tutor. CCAC's hope revolves around the fundamental concept that serving as a Volunteer Tutor offers a mutually beneficial and transformative life experience for both the tutor and the tutee.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) emphasizes the value of Volunteer Tutoring in adult literacy programs. Research supports and shows that an adult learner, working with a tutor, is more likely to achieve their educational goals than those who do not receive the support of a tutor.