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Using Phrases to Refine a Search
1. trail of tears Google searched each of the words you entered separately. You probably got more than 8,620,000 pages. Looking through even a fraction of these is time consuming and frustrating!
2. "trail of tears" When you put quotes around trail of tears, it ensured that the words were searched together as a phrase. You should have gotten fewer "hits," perhaps around 1,560,000.
3. "trail of tears"
"andrew jackson"
Adding the name of Andrew Jackson makes the search more specific. He's the President who ordered the removal of the Cherokees from lands east of the Mississippi River. You should have gotten even fewer returns, around 81,800.
4. Advanced Search with .org By limiting your search to .org. (organizations) you should have found a PBS site and the official site of the National Parks Conservation Association. You could also try .edu sites or you could add additional terms to refine your results.

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