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The CCAC Honors Program

Honors Program Mission

Honors at CCAC provides an academically challenging and enriching learning experience for highly motivated, academically prepared and intellectually curious students. The program attempts to nurture the development of global citizens through the following practices:

  • collaborative, active learning
  • independent investigation    
  • cultural enrichment and sensitivity 
  • creative and critical thought
  • leadership development
  • service to others
“Honors at CCAC made a significant and lasting difference in my education. By starting off my college education with CCAC honors, my leadership abilities, teambuilding skills, and commitment to excellence truly allowed me to excel. I view CCAC Honors as the thing that gave me the drive to pursue my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.”
- Hashim Ahmed, Associate’s degree CCAC 2015, Bachelor degree University of Pittsburgh 2017, Doctor of Physical Therapy degree University of Pittsburgh 2020
Hashim Ahmed

Why Honors? Invest in You!

  • Build an academic resume for transfer and scholarships
  • Enrich your academics with increased opportunity: field trips, local & international travel
  • Develop your leadership potential through the Honors Leadership seminar
  • Collaborate with faculty on self-directed, independent learning projects
  • Earn partial in-county tuition reimbursement for Honors courses (for eligible students)
  • Opportunity to attend cultural and social activities with Honors colleagues
  • Opportunity to attend regional and national Honors conferences and to present Honors research
  • Honors designation on transcript and Honors cords and medallion at graduation (if earned)
  • Honors Program and degree recognition in commencement program
  • Honors Hubs on each campus for student study and socializing
  • Priority registration for Honors students
“Participating in Honors enriched my education in ways that continued after I graduated from CCAC. Through the individualized attention and academic rigor of the contracts, I created some of my best art, research, and writing. The high standards of the Honors program prepared me to succeed at a four-year college and helped me create work that I have continued to benefit from and build upon at every stage of my life.”
- Rosemary Aquilina Associate’s degree CCAC 2016, Bachelor’s degree California University of PA 2018

Rosemary Aquilina

Rosemary Aquilina

“I grew intellectually, emotionally and physically through the experiences that the Honors Program offered. Because of my involvement in the Honors Program, I was able to receive scholarships to Chatham University. The honors program refined me, pushed me and helped me succeed. The Honors Program at CCAC provides a high quality, caring and innovative learning environment that will help students succeed in this complex world.”
- Natalya Shulikov, Associate’s CCAC 2014, Bachelor’s degree Chatham University 2017
Natalya Shulikov


Is Honors “just more work”?

Rather than doing “more work,” students in Honors engage in academic enrichments that provide depth and breadth of understanding and application of knowledge. An Honors education fosters excellence, encouraging students to provide direction to their own learning. Honors courses and Honors contract projects undertaken with mentoring faculty provide enriched, personal learning experiences.

“The conferences, forums, and Honors in Leadership Scholarship helped me gain the confidence to be independent and advocate for my own educational and professional opportunities. Building close relationships with my Honors mentors gave me the chance to complete academic work in a joyful, challenging, and nurturing environment. I would not be where I am now without the CCAC Honors Program! I will always be grateful for my time there.”
- Grace Aquilina, Associate’s degree CCAC, 2018, Bachelor’s degree, Duquesne University 2020
Grace Aquilina