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    Classes for this program are held at the West Hills Center, the North Campus,
    affiliated Center, 1000 McKee Road, Oakdale, PA 15071
  • ASEP/ASSET/CAP Automotive Service Program (507.3)
    Associate of Science


    Also see Automotive Technology Program (350.3) and Automotive Technology Program (349.3).

    This program prepares students to service and repair today's high-tech automobiles. While completing this two-year program, students attend classes for 10 weeks and then work in a co-op environment for 10–12 weeks for five consecutive semesters. This program includes instruction in component identification, removal and reassembly of components, fault diagnosis in automatic transmission and transaxles, brakes, electrical and electronic systems, engine performance, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, manual drive-trains and rear axles, suspension and steering.

    Emerging green technologies such as plug-in electrics and natural gas powered vehicles, as well as currently produced hybrids will also be introduced. Academic courses included in the associate's degree program provide students with the necessary background for effective communication and increased opportunities for career advancement.

    Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

    1. Identify each component and its purpose on all vehicle systems to include: automatic transmissions and transaxles, brakes, electrical and electronic systems, engine performance, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, manual drive-trains and rear axles, steering and suspension.
    2. Remove, dissemble and reassemble components and identify potential mechanical fault areas in vehicle control systems.
    3. Identify, diagnose and repair electrical faults within electronic vehicle control systems.
    4. Name all vehicle systems.
    5. Discuss the complaint, cause and correction process.
    6. Complete the manufacturers' training requirements.

    CCAC's automotive curriculum prepares the student to take tests necessary to earn Pennsylvania Safety and Emission Inspection Licensing and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification. Course sections will be unique for dealership-sponsored students leading to manufacturers' certification with Chrysler LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation.

    Programs are certified by the National Automotive Technicians Educational Foundation (NATEF). All CCAC instructors are ASE Certified Master Technicians with years of industry repair experience and manufacturer-trained automotive technology instructors.

    The CCAC-North Campus Automotive program is available at the CCAC West Hills Center. Credit for some courses may be awarded for work completed at an area career and technology center, trade school or in the military.


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    Degree Requirements
    Also see Automotive Technology (degree) and Automotive Technology (certificate)

    First Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ATE-103Automotive Systems - Minor Service3
    ATE-106Emission Inspector Certification1
    ATE-108State Inspection Certification1
    ATE-126 Steering and Suspension4
    ATE-130Automotive Brake Systems3
    Total Credits: 12

    Second Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ATE-121Electrical Systems and Power Accessories3
    ATE-122Electronics Systems3
    ATE-151Automotive Climate Systems3
    ATE-160Advanced Automotive Electricity/Electronics3
    MAT-108Intermediate Algebra4
    MAT-191Mathematics for the Industries 3
    Total Credits: 15–16
    Students should select MAT-108, Intermediate Algebra, or MAT-191, Mathematics for the Industries.

    Summer Session

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ATE-131Major Engine Service4
    PHS-161 Physical Science for the Industries 3
    Total Credits: 7

    Third Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ATE-207 Advanced Engine Performance4
    ATE-230Engine Performance 13
    ATE-245Engine Performance 24
    ENG-101English Composition 13
    SPH-101Oral Communication3
    Total Credits: 17

    Fourth Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ATE-234Standard Transmission, Transaxle and Drivetrain3
    ATE-235Automatic Transmission and Transaxle5
    ENG-102English Composition 23
    ENG-103 Technical Communications3
    PSY-101Introduction to Psychology3
    WLD-103 Welding Safety and Applications1
    Total Credits: 15
    Students should select ENG-102, English Composition 2, or ENG-103, Technical Communications
    Students should select PSY-101, Introduction to Psychology, or PSY-116, Organizational Psychology
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 66–67