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    CCAC recognizes the incredibly difficult situation former Art Institute of Pittsburgh students may be facing with the recent and sudden closure of the school. You may have many questions: How will I finish my degree? Will my credits transfer? What about all this debt?

    Don't worry. You have options. CCAC has more than 160 programs in over 100 disciplines of study that can lead you to an associates degree, a certificate, transfer to a four-year institution and more. 

    CCAC offers a number of programs suitable for Art Institute students plus many other programs to enhance former study in the arts if you are looking for a change. You may find it helpful to browse the CCAC Online Catalog for programs and courses that could help you find your future in the arts at an incredibly affordable price or choose from one of programs below.

    Students who are interested in pursuing a CCAC education should call the CCAC Admissions offices to inquire about enrolling at CCAC or stop in at any campus or center. If you are ready to enroll you can start the CCAC Online Application process right now. 

    Listed below are many Art Institute classes with corresponding CCAC course titles. 

    Art Institute Course Titles

    CCAC Course Titles

    Fundamentals of Advertising Principles of Advertising
    Fundamentals of Marketing Principles of Marketing
    Consumer Behavior & Persuasive Sales Techniques Principles of Selling
    Public Relations Public Relations
    Concepts and Theories of Culinary Techniques Fundamentals of Culinary Skills
    Fundamentals of Classical Techniques Meat & Seafood Fabrication & Cooking and International Cuisine
    American Regional Cuisine Adv Garde manger & Charcuterie and American Regional Cuisine
    Introduction to Baking and Pastry Techniques Baking and Pastry Techniques
    Sustainable Purchasing and Controlling Costs Purchasing Procedures
    Management, Supervision and Career Development Supervision and Training
    Garde Manger Basic Garde Manger Techniques
    Management by Menu Menu Design
    Legal Issues and Ethics in Hospitality Management Hospitality Law
    Leadership and Organizational Development Supervision and Training
    Introduction to Web Design Web Development
    Fundamentals of Accounting Introduction to Accounting
    E-Commerce Introduction to E-Commerce
    Human Resource Management Human Resource Management
    Design Fundamentals Two-Dimensional Design
    Observational Drawing Drawing 1
    Digital Color Theory Color
    Concept Development & History of Analysis of Design Graphic Communication
    Typography Web Graphic Design
    Electronic Design Digital Publishing
    Digital Illustration Advanced Digital Graphic Design
    Fundamentals of Web Design Web Development
    Introduction to Toursim Management Introduction to Travel & Tourism
    Introduction to Hospitality Industry & Industry Trends Intro Foodservice, Lodging and Rec Mgmt
    Hotel Front Office Management and Housekeeping Front Office Operations
    Hospitality Industry Financing Hospitality Control Systems
    Introduction to CADD Intro Computer Aided Drafting
    Advanced CADD Computer Asstd Drafting Applications
    Computer Aided Industrial Design Intro to Parametric Modeling
    Principles of Photography Photography 1