• Biotechnology (417.4)

    Allegheny, Boyce

    Also see Biotechnology (416.4).

     This program is designed for students who already have a baccalaureate degree in the sciences and want to expand their background in biotechnology. The curriculum is designed to include background courses in biology and chemistry, with special emphasis on molecular biology and the specific techniques for the biotechnology industry. Career paths include lab technician or a research technician.

    Upon successful completion of this program, the graduate will:

    1. Prepare lab reagents to conduct experiments with minimum sources of error using basic instruments and mathematics skills.
    2. Work effectively in cooperative teams in a lab setting to design and complete experiments.
    3. Report the analysis of laboratory findings using both oral and written communications.


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    Degree Requirements

    Second Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    BIO-230Research Methodology and Quality Assurance3
    BTC-202 Molecular Biology Laboratory4
    BTC-204Biotechnology Internship2
    Total Credits: 13

    BTC-204 Biotechnology Internship consists of 120 hours in a lab.

     Prospective students must demonstrate a proficiency in the following courses: BIO-151 (General Biology 1), BIO-175 (Microbiology), BIO-216 (Cell Biology), CHM-151 (General Chemistry 1) and CHM-152 (General Chemistry 2).

    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 25