• Building Construction Apprenticeship 

    An apprenticeship is a state / federal approved program that develops a skilled journeyman through education and on-the-job work experience. Several skilled trade unions have also qualified their apprenticeship programs to include a college certificate or degree through CCAC. Apprentices earn a living wage for their work throughout the three to five year apprenticeship. The value of this "earn while you learn" package is greater than a full scholarship to most universities.
    Apprenticeships that earn a College Certificate or Degree through CCAC

    • Carpenters (Commercial, Residential, Cabinet Makers/Display Builders, Floor Coverers, Heavy &  Highway Workers, Millwrights, Pile Drivers), 4 year apprenticeship
    • Electricians, 5 year apprenticeship 
    • Ironworkers,  3 year apprenticeship 
    • Operating Engineers (Heavy Equipment Operators), 4 year apprenticeship   
    • Plumbers,  5 year apprenticeship 
    • Sheet Metal Workers,  4 year apprenticeship  

    Apply for Admission 

    Applicants must apply for admission through each individual trade union. An information publication is available through CCAC West Hills, 412-788-7500 or the Builders Guild.   

    Applicants must have earned a high school diploma or GED and PA driver's license, generally apply in person at the union training center, pay  the application fee (up to $25) and present their credentials. Applicants will be scheduled for group testing of their math and communication skills. Those with successful test results will be scheduled for an individual interview with the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. The Committee will offer admission to successful candidates. Applicants being offered admissionmust agree to union membership rules, pass a drug test and physical examination. The trade union and their affiliated contractors will provide education, skill training and work opportunities to each apprentice. 
    Cost: The union and their affiliated contractors pay for apprentice education / training and provide employment opportunity. The apprentice will pay union membership dues.
    Earning Potential: Union Journeymen earn $40,000 - $60,000 annually. An apprentice starts at about 50% of journeyman rate and receives incremental increases as they progress to journeyman. 
    Union Apprenticeship Compared to a Trade School

    Compare  Union Member Apprenticeship 3-5 yr. Trade School Graduate
    Tuition Expense None $30-50,000 total
    Earn while you learn $60,000 - $125,000 total No
    Job experience 3-5 years No
    Employment Wages & Benefits guaranteed by contract  No guarantee