• Meet the CCAC Faculty Byron Phillips

    Name: Dr. Byron Phillips, MBA

    Title: Adjunct faculty member in Business Technologies

    Year joined CCACI have been at CCAC for 6 years and I love it. Our students are the best.

    Courses currently taught:
    Business, Marketing, Management, Economics, Advertising, Public Relations, and Business Communications

    Why I teach what I teach: 
    I love teaching at CCAC and my most memorable experiences are networking with our graduates and counseling them as they succeed in career and life. The focus of my life is teaching and I devote all waking hours toward our profession.

    Something people might not know about me: 
    People may be surprised to know that I was a professional tennis player, and a university basketball and baseball player. I teach tennis lessons seven days per week.

    Favorite quote: 
    "Before every person dies he or she should know what he or she is running from—what he or she is running to— and why." -Byron