• CCAC: We Are Civility

    What is civility and why should we be talking about it?

    Civility is the deliberate act of being polite to others as well as being courteous in behavior and speech. In most cases, civility doesn’t just happen. It takes deliberate action and commitment. Civility is a choice. This choice impacts others and helps promote an inclusive and positive environment. Choosing to act to promote civility toward one another contributes to a workplace and community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and feel valued. For more information on civility, CCAC employees can complete a short course on civility through the CCAC Learning Communities.

    Download and print CCAC's "We Are Cvility" PDF documents:
    Ambassador Duties and Responsibilities
    Ambassadors Interest Form
    CCAC Civility Pledge
    CCAC Civility Tips

    The Community College of Allegheny County values each member of the college community and encourages all its members to adhere to the five principles of civility and community as outlined below:

    We are welcoming to all and rude/disrespectful to none. We encourage and promote open community in which personal experiences are valued.

    We foster an environment where each individual is supported and each member of the community is considerate of the feelings, circumstances and individuality of the others. We appreciate the views and ideas of all members of our community.

    We believe it is important to recognize how others view and relate to the community and recognize that we are part of a larger community.

    We value an environment that facilitates collegial relationships, encourages mutual understanding among diverse individuals and leads to addressing issues and differences in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

    We encourage all community members to speak out against incidents involving bias and other types of incivility so the college can fulfill its responsibility of responding in a fair, timely and supportive manner.

    The Civility Pledge is a promise to oneself and the greater CCAC community to uphold the five principles of civility and support our efforts to make CCAC an enjoyable work environment for all. WE ARE CIVILITY!

  • CCAC We Are Civility

    At CCAC we try to put civility into action in everything we do.