• Graphic Design (376.3)


    This program is a concentration of traditional and digital courses to develop students' skills in graphic design. The certificate program is also ideal for those students seeking professional development or improving on current skills. Graduates may find employment as a production artist, web developer, freelance designer or eligible Adobe® Certified user. The student may also elect to transfer to a four-year institution.

    Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

    1. Develop a portfolio suitable for employment, transfer to a four-year institution or artistic development.
    2. Develop visual communication skills.
    3. Demonstrate technical and perceptual skills.
    4. Use principles of design.
    5. Use color theory.
    6. Use current technology as it applies to the arts.
    7. Analyze in order to render 2D forms via line, value and perspective.
    8. Analyze visual images and objects.


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    Degree Requirements
    Formerly Digital Graphic Design, Graphic Design is effective Fall 2016.

    First Semester

    Students select one (1) of the following courses: ART-130, ART-144 or ART-177.
    Course #Course NameCredits
    ART-114Two-Dimensional Design3
    ART-130Photography 1 3
    ART-144Digital Photography3
    ART-177Applied Digital Photography3
    ART-150Introduction to Digital Graphic Design3
    ART-168Digital Imaging3
    Total Credits: 15

    Second Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ART-109Drawing 13
    ART-113Graphic Communication 3
    ART-165Digital Publishing 3
    ART-170Web Graphic Design3
    ART-250Advanced Digital Graphic Design3
    Total Credits: 18
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 33
  • Academic Program Updated Digital Graphic Design 376.2

    The Digital Graphic Design (376.2) program is changed to Graphic Design (376.3) as of the Fall 2016 semester. Students already enrolled in Digital Graphic Design (376.2) may complete the current program or move to the new (376.3) program. To review program 376.2 requirements, see the graduation checksheet. Students should discuss these options with their advisors.