• E-Commerce (221)

    Boyce, North, South

    This certificate is designed to introduce students to the world of e-commerce and related business principles. This includes the fundamentals of business processes such as marketing and accounting as well as basic computer programming such as java and web development associated with Internet technology. Students learn the theories and concepts of e-commerce and are taught to utilize methods and techniques peculiar to that area.

    Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

    1. Apply the basic principles of e-commerce to a business entity
    2. Create web pages to support e-commerce activities.
    3. Develop an Internet marketing plan.
    4. Apply fundamental accounting cycle principles.
    5. Select business solutions needed for the implementation of e-commerce activities.


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    Degree Requirements

    First Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    BUS-104Principles of Marketing3
    BUS-140Introduction to E-Commerce3
    CIT-111Introduction to Programming: Java4
    Total Credits: 10

    Second Semester

    Note: ACC-100 cannot be taken after successfully completing ACC-104 or concurrently with ACC-104.
    Course #Course NameCredits
    ACC-100Introduction to Accounting3
    BUS-143Internet Marketing3
    CIT-125Web Development3
    Total Credits: 9
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: