• Entrepreneurship (219.1)

    Allegheny, North

    This program will be offered at the CCAC Homewood-Brushton Center Fall 2017.

    Entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for economic self-sufficiency.  Entrepreneurs possess drive and energy to be successful but need to learn the skills for success.  This certificate is designed to help students to develop an understanding on how to create and sustain a small business.  The certificate focuses on providing the knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur.  Students who successfully complete the program will have created a business plan, understand how to find initial funding for that plan and be prepared to manage and market the small business.

    Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will:

    1. Create a business venture through an effective business plan, vision and mission statement and a strategic plan.
    2. Analyze available options to acquire the necessary financial resources for the launching of the venture, through banks and other methods such as venture capitalists and investors.
    3. Apply research methods that will enhance the graduates' ability to effectively identify and understand their target audience.
    4. Create effective communicate methods with their target audience through the use of marketing, public relations and social media.
    5. Apply problem-solving skills through analysis and critical thinking so that they can adapt to changes (economically, politically and socially) in the local and global environment.


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    Degree Requirements

    Business Elective can substitute for BUS-104 Introduction to E-commerce.
    Course #Course NameCredits
    BUS-104Principles of Marketing3
    BUS-112 Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
    BUS-140Introduction to E-Commerce3
    Total Credits:

    Second Semester

    Business Elective can substitute for BUS-251 Business Law
    Course #Course NameCredits
    BUS-143Internet Marketing3
    BUS-240 Small Business Management 13
    BUS-251Business Law 13
    Total Credits: 9
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: