• Facilities Management

    The Facilities Management Department in Office of College Services is responsible for the management of all the college campus facilities. We are an interdisciplinary department that oversees the functionality of the college facilities by integrating people, place, process and technology in the most economical and cost-effective manner. Our goals are to ensure that each building properly maintains, operates, remains safe and environmentally sound for all students, faculty and staff. These occupants depend on our Department to provide services that help create a comfortable and secure learning environment.

    Learn More about the CCAC Master Plan.

    Workforce Building 1

    Overview of Major Responsibilities and Services

    Mechanical Systems

    • HVAC (indoor air quality and temperature control)
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Elevator Maintenance

    Power Systems

    • Normal Power
    • Emergency Power

    Building Systems

    • Security and Locks

    Life/Environmental Safety Systems

    • Building Cleanliness
    • Waste Removal
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Smoke/Fire Detection Systems
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Signage
    • Evacuation Plans

    Project Management

    • New Construction
    • Renovations/Improvements
    • PDE/Board of Trustee Approvals
    • Lease Negotiations/Renewals
    • Master Plan Studies/Development
  • CCAC Master Plan

    Master Plan Image

    The CCAC Master Plan is a guide, among other things:

    • To help clarify, conform, or adjust institutional goals and objectives and priorities as they relate to existing or desired physical resources.
    • To help define the physical resources required to sustain or to advance the institution’s mission, goals, objectives, and priorities.
    • To describe and dimension physical improvements in general terms to have a reasonable sense of purpose, size, and probable cost.
    • To express physical requirements in a sequence that reflects institutional priorities and the realities of financing and phasing.