• Film Worker (127)


    This program prepares graduates to work on film and television projects as crew. Positions such as construction, scenic artist, set dressing, grip, set lighting technician, sound mixing and editing, video assist, craft services, wardrobe and location scouting will be introduced. Opportunities to visit movie locations and sound stages will be an integral part of the hands-on training.

    Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

    1. Describe ten film worker positions and their duties.
    2. Recognize the differences in each film-worker position, its tools and necessary work ethic.
    3. Execute craft services.
    4. Work closely with others and under pressure with deadlines.
    5. Apply ethics of a film worker and understand protocol.
    6. Utilize skills through participation on a film crew. 


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    Degree Requirements

    First Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    THE-117Theatre Production 13
    THE-121Technical Theatre 13
    THE-216Film Worker 1 3
    Total Credits: 9

    Second Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    THE-122Technical Theatre 2 3
    THE-226Film Worker 23
    THE-403Theatre Co-op3
    Total Credits: 9
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 18