• Making Software Available in Classrooms

    The ITS Field Director will assist all faculty and staff with the selection and implementation of software and supplementary computer resources in order to ensure compatibility with the College's current hardware, software and network environment. The goal is to provide this software and supplementary computer resources in the most efficient and manageable way for faculty and student use to enhance the teaching and learning environment.

    Please allow sufficient time for the evaluation, procurement, license verification and installation processes. Once software is procured, the ITS staff needs a two week notice to validate and schedule installation of software in computer labs. Remember that proof of purchase and/or software licensing agreements will be required

    If the textbook for a course comes with software or supplementary files (tutorials, data files, examples etc.), please provide the ISBN# of the Textbook, the Name of the Publisher and the Name of the Textbook. An ITS team member will contact you if additional information is required. Keep in mind that software that comes bundled with a book is usually a user specific license, meaning that the purchaser of the book can install it on one computer that is accessed only by that person, and usually can NOT be installed on a computer in a classroom or lab that has multiple users. Once the licensing has been verified, a ticket will be created for the appropriate location and you may need to provide the ITS staff member with the CD and the room location where it will be needed. We need at least one week prior to utilization of these resources so that it may be installed and tested. We will determine the best way to implement and notify you so that you can give your students appropriate instructions.

    Where to Store Data Files

    Files that are common to many sections of a course may be placed on the coursework folder under a discipline or course number. Data files that are specific to a particular faculty member (course outlines, study guides, assignments, etc.) may be placed in the coursework folder under the discipline and in a folder named for the faculty member. See information on Coursework storage files.

    Programs and/or data files should not be stored on hard drives on any computers used in classrooms, computer labs, or other shared student work spaces. If the ITS Department must restore the hard drive image on a computer, those files will not be part of the restored image. All students should be instructed to store their files external and/or cloud storage. The ITS team members are not responsible for any software or files on classroom or lab computers, placed there by faculty or students.