•  ARC Reporting Center

    ARC (Administrative Reporting Center) provides you with statistical data in areas such as enrollment and budgets. Data is made available in a report format that is interactive, printable and easily exported into applications such as Word, Excel or Adobe Reader. Users who have access to Colleague may log on to ARC to retrieve over 115 reports available to all users. There are additional reports available based on permissions. 

    ARC can be accessed from the web by using any web browser. CCAC recommends MS Internet Explorer. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required if you wish to print the reports.

    The information in ARC is updated each night and reflects all transactions up to 12:00 a.m. ARC reports provide easy, efficient access to summary and trend information; if you need up-to-the-instant transactional reporting, use Colleague.

    If you are having trouble accessing ARC, please call the CCAC ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700.