• CCAC Wireless Access

    There are three levels of wireless access at CCAC locations:

    1. CCACwireless: ITS strongly recommends that CCAC community members (students, faculty and staff) use this secure level of access. CCACwireless uses strong encryption that serves to protect your information from unauthorized interception and viewing. A valid CCAC e-mail username and password (based on NetID or employee network account) will be required to connect. ITS still recommends caution with transmitting personal and financial data over a wireless network.

    If you need help accessing CCACwireless, download the detailed instructions
    for your operating system below.

      Windows 10        Download detailed instructions.
             Windows 8         Download detailed instructions.
      Windows 7   Download detailed instructions.
      Windows Vista   Download detailed instructions.
     (Note: 64-bit Vista cannot use these instructions and
     is not supported on secure CCACwireless at this time)
      macOS    Download detailed instructions for Mac 10.14
    Download detailed instructions for Mac 10.7+ 
      iOS Devices   Download detailed instructions.
      Android Devices   Download detailed instructions.

    2. guest@ccac: Download detailed instructions.
    This connection is not secure. Information you transmit or receive over this connection during your session could be intercepted and viewed by other network users. Guest connection will NOT provide access to student or employee email or other CCAC online services.

    Separate instructions for Android and iOS devices.

    3. Scholastic:
    This connection is only available on CCAC-owned computers and laptops. CCAC scholastic provides full access to network resources.

    Having problems accessing the wireless? Download these instructions for additional troubleshooting steps.

    Please be advised that wireless access points (or "hotspots") are strategically located throughout the campuses. Any number of factors may influence your ability to access the wireless system. You should exercise caution when performing critical tasks--such as taking an online exam--over a wireless network. For best results, we recommend you disconnect from wireless when you leave the area of the campus and reconnect when you return.

    Other Operating or Wireless Systems and Devices?

    Other operating systems or devices might be able to successfully connect to CCACwireless, but operating systems not listed above or declared end of life are not supported. Assistance will be provided on a best effort basis. A device must support WPA-2 wireless security protocol in order to connect to CCACwireless.SSID.

    Using Other Vendors for Wireless Connections? Users should attempt to replicate the settings contained in our instructions (Network Authentication = WPA-2, Data Encryption = AES, EAP Type = PEAP).


    Guest accounts may be available to allow a faculty or staff member to request a temporary account for guests they are sponsoring (such as vendors demonstrating software or other people doing temporary business with the college) who need to connect their own computer to the CCAC network. If you are the guest of a faculty or staff member and need a network account, speak with them about requesting a Guest account from ITS.

  • Need a NetID?

    Current students or employees wishing to use the CCAC network on campus or login to any services such as Academic Email, Blackboard or CCAC Central e-Services must have a valid network account. Current students may create/reset their password at  NetID Account Management - self-service password reset for their NetID. Students can explore Technology Services here. New employees must have their supervisor send in a Network Account Request Form. More information on Employee Network Accounts can be found here.  You can always call the ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700 if you have any questions or concerns.
  • ITS Computer Lab Hours of Operation

    Regular Hours of Operation

    Monday through Friday: 8:00AM to 4:00PM
    Saturday and Sunday: Closed

    Computer labs are always closed for any CCAC holiday college-wide closures.