• Email Spam Filtering System

    The Information Technology Services Department maintains the CCAC Spam Filtering system to decrease the amount of spam email that you receive in your Outlook mailbox. Your email will be scanned automatically, and the system will quarantine suspected spam and marketing email to keep unsafe messages from entering your inbox.

    Change to the Spam Filtering System

    ITS has replaced the Sophos spam filtering system with the new IronPort system. The IronPort system should provide more security and filtering of unwanted email messages. You will continue to receive spam filtering messages in “digest format” periodically displaying all quarantined messages.

    These messages will now come from “CCAC Spam Filter.” If you take no action, these messages will be deleted after 31 days. However, legitimate emails may sometimes be quarantined or messages you send may be blocked. You can log into the IronPort site directly from the digest email to view your quarantined items and take action.

    Accessing Your Quarantined Items

    • You may access your quarantined items by clicking on one of two links located within the digest email – “view your email quarantine” or “View All Quarantined Messages.” You will be taken to the IronPort web interface login screen, where you will enter your CCAC username and password.
    • Once logged into the IronPort site, you can choose to take action on the spam items by checking the box next to the quarantined email(s) and selecting an action from the “Select Action drop down list,” then clicking submit. A confirmation window will appear for you to confirm your selection.
    • You can also utilize the search field by typing in a specific term that was in the FROM or SUBJECT line for a particular quarantined email.
    • You can manage your safelist and blocklist senders by clicking on the options drop-down in the upper right corner of the web interface and choosing either safelist or blocklist. Add email addresses as appropriate. Click “Add to List” to apply the changes.
    • For the first month of the change, you may still release messages from the old Sophos Filter quarantine, until all those messages have been deleted. You can access the old spam filter by navigating to https://spamfilter.ccac.edu from any browser. Enter your CCAC network username and password to gain access.
    • Outlook Exchange users: your history of safelisted and blocklisted senders has been imported from the old system to the new.

    Do you use the academic email system? If so, you’ll have a different spam filter for academic email, administered by Microsoft.