• ITS: Guidelines and Standards

    The Community College of Allegheny County provides computing and networking services to members of the College community and other specified clients. Access to and use of computing and networking resources are privileges limited to authorized users and for approved purposes only.

    Technology Policies & Guidelines for Students

    Students using college network computers and applications should be aware of CCAC policies regarding network access and technology use. Please refer to the following policy resources that apply to students:

    Technology Policies & Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

    All users of ITS resources should be aware of the following regulations:

    • CCAC policies governing Information Technology Services (Section VII of the CCAC Policy Manual). These policies cover authorized and acceptable use of College resources, electronic information privacy, use of the network, desktop management, software and copyright, email, voice communications, Internet and video conferencing.
    • Specific ITS regulations referenced under ITS Policies and other regulations which influence use of College computing resources include:
      • Administrative Regulations
      • Employee Manual, sections 5.17 Communications Systems and Courtesy and 5.18 Confidentiality
        • Regulations governing College Communication Systems can be found in Section 5.17.1 - 5.17.18 of the Employee manual.