• ITS  Offices and Equipment

    The ITS Field Operations Directors will assist all staff with the selection, installation, and implementation of hardware or software and supplementary computer resources in order to ensure compatibility with the College's current hardware and software.

    The ITS Field Operations Directors are required to be an approver on all hardware/software purchases made by departments. All requisitions that include computer equipment (PCs, laptops, peripherals, or software) must include the appropriate Director as a "Next Approver" in the system.

    Purchase of additional PC's and software is the responsibility of the requesting department. The ITS department will provide installation and repair services, as long as it is compliant with the College’s standards. When software is installed by an ITS team member, the requesting department must be able to show the technician the original license for the software.

    Moving to a new office or to another campus?

    When moving to a new office, check that you've remembered the following processes to make sure your technology tools are waiting for you at the next location.

    • Email the ServiceDesk at help@servicedesk.ccac.edu or call 412.237.8700 to have the necessary work orders created for your PC and telephone moves and changes. Please provide detailed information regarding all of your technology needs.
    • Work with Physical Plant staff to plan the physical move of furniture and boxes.
    • Notify the business office(s) of your change in location so that the directory may be updated, including any changes to your phone number.
    • Is your new location wired for both data and voice?

    Have you taken into account any changes you need to make in your phone and voicemail service.