• Outlook Email for Employees

    CCAC uses Microsoft Outlook as its standard email client on the desktop, and Microsoft Exchange as the email server. Your desktop computer is configured with your own personal profile for Outlook; for this reason, you do not need an extra log-on to email. After you log on to the network, opening Outlook will use your profile to open your mailbox. 

    To request an email account, supervisors need to use the Network Account Request form found on the Network Account for Employees page.

    If more than one employee regularly uses your desktop, multiple profiles can be set. If you need to use another computer on campus or at another location, you should use Outlook Remote Web Access, checking your email remotely.

    • Mailbox Size and Message Handling: Learn how to manage the size of your mailbox, how to check the size of your mailbox, how to use Message Handling and how to share large documents with the College Community.
    • CCAC Bulletin Board: The CCAC Bulletin Board is the service where employees should post announcements of interest to their colleagues in lieu of utilizing Outlook email. 
    • Departmental Network Accounts: Email accounts are available for departments or functions for handling business communications.

    Do you want to sync your email with your smartphone? See our Mobile Phones page for syncing instructions