• Voice Systems

    The College's telephone and voice network has been developed to connect our campus locations into one homogeneous location. This allows for 4-digit extension dialing between campuses.

    All of the Campus telephone systems, except for the VoIP phones in the KLI Science Center at the Allegheny Campus, are Nortel Private Branch Exchanges (PBX). The system in KLI is VoIP equipment, linked to the CCAC WAN and maintained by ITS.

    College Centers

    A third-party vendor provides all local and long distance services for the College Centers. Since these phone systems are not tied into the College’s WAN, callers must dial 10-digit phone numbers to reach the centers. Conversely, centers must use 10-digit numbers to reach the campuses.

    Voice Systems: Using your Phone

    The College has acquired several different models of handsets (telephones) throughout the different locations. Depending on the model of phone, using the common features will vary. The Phone System – Helpful Hints document will aid in identifying phone models and functions.

    Voicemail System: CallPilot

    Call Pilot Voicemail is available on phones at each of the four campuses. For more information, see the Call Pilot Quick Reference Guide or the Call Pilot Complete User’s Guide.

    Phone & Voicemail Requests

    Need to request a new phone or make a change to an existing phone? See our procedures for requests, moves, removes and upgrades