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    The ITS Applications and Integration Division provides services to design business applications for College departments. Are you interested in developing a survey, business application or web service to enhance the services provided by your department or division? Contact the Manager of Systems Analysis and ERP Support.The following web applications have been designed in-house to provide web-based services that impact the business of the College.

    Appointment Central

    Appointment Central is a CCAC web application used by numerous departments at the college to promote, maintain, and monitor appointments with service areas. This appointment-driven application is used by service areas to schedule advising, enrollment express, placement testing, student orientation and other events. The application has been designed to provide each office the opportunity to customize the site based on their needs.

    Each service can be set up in one of two ways:

    1. DISTRIBUTED, in which appointments are made available to individuals over a period of time, as in tutoring or advising or
    2. FIXED, in which appointments are made available to groups of students at fixed times, as in placement testing.

    Each service has a service “manager” who sets up the service and schedules the reservations in the system. The managers can customize their service to present department-specific information and gather specified information from the users when appointments are made. Each service area can design their own questions to be answered for each appointment, and configure the system to determine when appointments can be made, including both how much in advance to display appointments or allow enrollment. The managers build the schedule by creating one-time or recurring reservations, according to their anticipated resources.

    These services can be set up to be:

    1. PUBLIC (students make their own appointments over the web) or
    2. PRIVATE (staff make appointments if telephone contact is required prior to making appointments).

    Once the service is active and reservations are scheduled, users will be able to make appointments on the web. Each service can have multiple “agents” set up to view the appointment schedules each day, mark attendance, and answer questions.

    Want to set up a new service? All new users must go through training or consultation prior to service setup. Call the ServiceDesk to discuss how your office can use this application to improve your service effectiveness.

    Appointment Central website

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    Survey of Student Opinion

    The results of the Survey of Student Opinion (SOSO’s) are available for review by Deans and Department Heads at the Survey of Student Opinion website as soon as the data is loaded. Faculty can view the data 21 days after the class has officially ended. In order to register and view the results of the Student Opinion Survey, a Colleague ID number is needed.

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    Master Syllabi

    View current credit and noncredit course syllabi. Faculty can print copies for their classes. Master Syllabi website