• Lync Videoconferencing

    At CCAC, we will be using Microsoft’s tool for Unified Communications which is called Lync. For information on access, please talk to your supervisor.

    Procedures for Web Conferencing using Lync

    Videoconferencing allows CCAC faculty, staff, and administrators to participate in interviews, meetings, and discussions and promotes collaboration between all of the campuses and centers located in the many geographical locations. CCAC has several rooms equipped for videoconferencing. All of these facilities are designed to be a self-service. If training, technical support, testing or setting up a meeting is needed, please contact the ITS ServiceDesk at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled video conference.

    If you are scheduling a meeting with multiple participants, or if you or other participants don't have Lync installed on your PC, you can reserve a conference room at your campus and/or other locations. It is the responsibility of the meeting organizer to reserve the conference rooms through the online Room Reservation form. Please be sure to complete the form for all participants at each meeting location. The equipment is sufficient for approximately 7–10 participants per location. Each facility is equipped with a data projector or television, laptop or desktop, Lync 2013, Logitech Conference Speaker Phone with remote, Logitech Conference Camera and a wireless or wired keyboard and mouse. Quick reference guides are available in each location. An overview of the Videoconferencing rooms is located below:

    Campus Location    Location   Seats   Hours of Operation
    Allegheny    J205   27   7AM – 9PM  
    Allegheny   S170   12   7AM – 9PM  
    Allegheny    K302   16   7AM – 9PM  
    Allegheny   M415       7AM – 9PM  
    Boyce   N439   12   7AM – 9PM  
    Boyce    N480   14   7AM – 9PM  
    Boyce   W413          
    HBC   108          
    North   3028   12   7AM – 9PM  
    North   3002   100   7AM – 9PM  
    South   A408   30   7AM – 9PM  
    South   B454   10   7AM - 9PM  
    South   B649          
    Washington County   W103   32   7AM - 9PM  
    West Hills Center   N1005   12   7AM – 9PM  
     Homewood-Brushton Center   H106B          
    Office of College Services   CO236 (2A)   20   8:30AM – 4:30PM  
    Office of College Services   CO108 (10)   10   8:30AM – 4:30PM  
     Office of College Services   513          

    Follow these steps to schedule and setup the Lync Meeting

    The following steps and information are necessary to host and schedule a Lync Meeting using one of the new rooms listed above.

    Lync Facilitator Information

    Lync meetings require a facilitator in each room who will log in and setup the meeting for the group. The facilitator can be anyone from the campus who can log into the system and can help with the Lync process. It can be one of the attendees or someone who is sponsoring the event at that campus. It is highly recommended to get a commitment from a facilitator from each location prior to reserving rooms.

    1. Identify the following for the Lync Meeting:

    1. How many participating locations will be involved?
    2. Did you contact and gain a commitment from a facilitator at each campus?
    3. Have you forwarded to them any information they may need to facilitate the Lync meeting?
    4. Will presentations need to be shared during the meeting?
    5. Which room at each campus will be used?
    6. Who will be attending at each campus?
    7. Have you made the entire request in advance of the scheduled meeting?

    2. Identify and Reserve a Videoconference Room

    1. Review the list of locations as documented above.
    2. Complete the Room Reservation form to reserve the room in R25.
    3. This meeting facilitator should reserve the room for ALL participants at EACH campus location.
    4. Please access the instructions here.

    3. Inform Meeting Attendees (Meeting Facilitators)

    1. Email the meeting attendees to give them the following information regarding the meeting:
    •   i. Date    
    •   ii. Time
    •  iii. Location

    4. Setup a Calendar Invite for the Lync Meeting Rooms

    1. Open your Outlook Calendar
    2. Double click the date for the Lync meeting
    3. Click on the Lync Meeting icon located on the Event Ribbon
    4. In the To line, enter the Lync room accounts that are reserved for the Lync meeting
    5. Enter a Subject
    6. Choose the Start time and End time for the Lync meeting
    7. Enter additional information in the body of the email
    8. Click Send
    9. Now the Lync meeting and invite is setup on the Outlook calendar

    5. Attend the Lync Meeting

    1. Report to the Lync Meeting room reserved at your campus
      (If you are unsure, you should ask your meeting facilitator).
    2. Log into the machine using the specific account posted in the room.
    3. Open the Outlook Calendar and double click the Lync Appointment.
    4. Click Join Lync Meeting.
    5. Please access instructions here to join the meeting.
    6. Please access instruction here for more Lync functions.

    6. Meeting Facilitators Information

    1. Report to the Lync Meeting room reserved at your campus.
    2. Log into the machine using the specific account.
    3. Open the Outlook Calendar and double click the Lync Appointment.
    4. Click Join Lync Meeting.
    5. Please access instructions here to launch the videoconference.
    6. Please access instruction here for more Lync functions.

     Training Requests\Instructional Materials

    • Quick guides are available in each conference room location.
    • Access the Best Practices guide for meeting facilitators and meeting participants to ensure a successful Lync meeting. 
    • Need additional training? Contact the ITS ServiceDesk by phone: 412.237.8700 or by email

    If you would like to conduct a test prior to your meeting date or would like instructional training you must schedule this at least three business days in advance.