• Land Administration (491.1)

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    Minimum of an Associate’s degree required
    This certificate is designed for students who have previously completed an associate’s degree and who have special interest in pursuing a career in the fast growing natural gas and oil industry. Land Administration employees protect an oil and gas company’s assets which include oil and gas leases, pipeline rights-of-way and natural gas and/or oil wells. The various tasks involved in safeguarding these assets include analyzing and enforcing the terms of oil and gas leases, right of-way agreements and contracts, reviewing title opinions, calculating royalty and ownership interests and monitoring free and discounted gas consumers.

    Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

    1. Identify the classifications, basic components, defenses, damages, interests and termination elements of legal contracts, development contracts and partnership agreements.
    2. Explain the basic concepts of the types of real property conveyances and ownership and interpret title opinions to create chain of titles for gas and oil owners.
    3. Describe the limits of authority for corporations, trusts, partnerships and agencies in real property transactions and distribution of royalty payments.
    4. Calculate various types of interest and royalty rates based on title interpretation, plats, and lease provisions.
    5. Employ accurate terminology of the field and utilize professionalism in all forms of communication.

    Upon completion of the program, graduates may seek employment as land administrators in either one of the three major groups within the industry: land records, division orders or contracts. Additionally, graduates may seek employment as landmen, abstractors, in-house reviewers or contractors.


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    Degree Requirements

    First Semester

    LND-101 and LND-102 are corequisite courses.
    Course #Course NameCredits
    BUS-130Business Communications3
    CIT-155Excel Spreadsheets3
    LND-101Introduction to Land Administration 3
    LND-102Real Property for the Oil and Gas Industry4
    Total Credits: 13

    Second Semester

    LND-103 and LND-105 are corequisite courses
    Course #Course NameCredits
    LND-103Oil and Gas Leases3
    LND-104Contract Law for Oil and Gas Industry3
    LND-105 Fundamentals of Title Abstracting4
    PAL-121Estates and Trusts 13
    Total Credits: 13

    Third Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    LND-403Land Administration Co-Op3
     Restricted Electives
    Choose one course
    Total Credits: 6
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 32
  • Specialty Program - Associate Degree Required

    This program requires an associate degree.