• Publishing Academic Web Pages

    All students with a NetID and all faculty with a CCAC network account have a web account available to them. Any faculty or students wishing to have a web account will need to establish a CCAC network account.

    • STUDENTS: Students will use their NetID username and password to upload student web pages to the new server. Students may upload files up to a maximum of 25 MB.
    • FACULTY: Faculty will use their current CCAC network account (for Windows and Outlook) to access the new server for uploading faculty web pages. Faculty may upload files up to a maximum of 250 MB.

    In order to publish academic pages, students/faculty must possess skills in HTML or web publishing software (Sharepoint Designer, etc.). It is your responsibility to create and edit webpage content. The ITS Service Desk only provides assistance with file uploads.

    Dynamic web pages such as ASP, JSP, PHP or CGI are not supported on the academic server.


    To view student or faculty pages:

    Homepages will be published at **http://web.acd.ccac.edu/~username/**. (This is not an active link; you will need to type the link, using your NetID or network username instead of "username".)

    Download Instructions for Uploading and Viewing Content: Windows 7 (PDF). 

    Important Note

    Even though the academic web page is a student's or faculty member's personal page, it is still published and housed through CCAC. Web page content must abide by College Policy. See Article IX: College Regulations.

    Keep in mind that your network password must be changed every 90 days. If you encounter difficulties in publishing your web pages, your password may have expired.