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    • CCAC will increase academic success, college completion and equity in the region by providing every student with the motivation and support they need to achieve their individual goals. 
    • CCAC will become a global learning community that stands on the pillars of proactive, intentional access, inclusion, diversity, social justice and respect, to positively impact the vitality of the region.
    • CCAC will become the region’s premier provider of workforce training and increase prosperity and opportunity throughout the region by preparing individuals to meet the emerging workforce needs of the community and employers.
    • CCAC will incorporate innovative uses of technology to advance the delivery of instruction and services, and support the region’s 21st century economy.

    Workforce Building 1Relevant Documents

    CCAC Master Plan

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    Volume 2 Appendix Supplemental Space Planning

    Volume 3 Appendix 5 Year Capital Outlay Plan

    Allegheny Campus Transportation and Parking Study


    Allegheny Campus Parking Inventory

    Allegheny Campus Parking Inventory Parking Inventory







    Workforce Development and Training Center on Allegheny Campus

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