• Medical Laboratory Technician (525.1)
    Associate of Science


    Also see Medical Laboratory Assistant (571).

    This program prepares graduates for entry into clinical laboratory work. Employment opportunities exist in hospitals and private laboratories where work is done under the supervision of a pathologist. For more information on careers in the medical laboratory, visit the website of the American Society of Clinical Pathology www.ascp.org.

    Graduates are eligible to take the national examination for certification as Medical Laboratory Technicians MLT (ASCP).

    Admission is limited by the availability of clinical sites. Students must make separate applications to this program. Applicants must be eligible for college-level courses and should have a science background. Introduction to Human Biology (BIO-103) may be taken as a prerequisite or corequisite of MLT-111.

    Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

    1. Perform aseptic technique.
    2. Demonstrate proficiency in all laboratory exercises by performance of test procedures with results and control values within acceptable manufacturer’s control limits.
    3. Perform tests and identify clinically important microbes.
    4. Exhibit medical laboratory knowledge, professionalism and ethical behavior.
    5. Perform clinical tests under the supervision of qualified facility personnel.

    This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), 5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119; 773.714.8880.


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    Degree Requirements

    First Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ALH-140Medical Terminology3
    CHM-109Introduction to Chemistry4
    ENG-101English Composition 13
    MLT-111Clinical Laboratory Techniques 14
    MLT-161Clinical Instrumentation and Clinical Chemistry 14
    Total Credits: 18
    Note: Successful completion of both CHM-110  and CHM-111 also meet the CHM-109 requirement.

    Second Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    ENG-102English Composition 23
    MLT-112Clinical Laboratory Techniques 24
    MLT-151 Clinical Microbiology 1 4
    MLT-162Clinical Chemistry 24
    PSY-101Introduction to Psychology3
    Total Credits: 18


    Course #Course NameCredits
    -Humanities Elective3
    Total Credits: 3
    Students should consult with an advisor when selecting Humanities Elective

    Third Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    MLT-152Clinical Microbiology 25
    MLT-220Clinical Hematology4
    MLT-225Clinical Immunohematology4
    MATMathematics Elective3-4
    Total Credits: 16–17
    Students should consult with an advisor when selecting Mathematics Elective.

    Fourth Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    MLT-250Clinical Laboratory Seminar3
    MLT-251CClinical Laboratory Externship12
    Total Credits: 15
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 70–71
  • Medical Laboratory Technician (Degree)

    Click on the link to review the Medical Lab Technician Outcome Measures.

    If you would like more information about the Medical Laboratory Technician program, or to request an Application Packet, Contact Jane Coughanour at 412.469.6280. If you already hold a bachelor's degree in a biological science (or related field), you may be eligible to enter CCAC's Fast Track MLT program. 

    Admission Requirements

    Students interested in admission to the Medical Laboratory Technician program (associate's degree) must have completed the following: (1) acceptance to CCAC; (2) placement tests (e.g. Reading, Writing, Mathematics); (3) any required Developmental coursework; and (4) Introduction to Human Biology (BIO-103)–this may be taken in the first semester as a corequisite of Clinical Laboratory Techniques 1 (MLT-111).  

    The Allied Health programs establish technical standards and essential functions to insure that students have the abilities required to participate and potentially be successful in all aspects of the respective programs. Students are required to meet the Essential Functions and Technical Standards for the Medical Laboratory Technician program. Satisfactory completion of the MLT Program and successful employment following graduation demands your ability to meet the requirements. If you are uncertain as to your ability with any of these essential functions, please consult with the MLT Program Director.