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>>> welcome back to tran8. >>> the 21st century calls for the 21st century workforce that can meet the demands of a changing society that relies more and more on the science, technology, engineering and math, "stem." there is an impressive initiative to provide students with the skills they need for the best jobs and the experience they need to compete in the modern workplace, the collaborative initiative that includes the partnership to fund the construction of the new workforce training center at the campus, and we are pleased to welcome back dr. quinton bullock, and always good to have you on the show.

>> thank you for this opportunity again to talk about the great work they do at the college. >>> if i have read this correctly, you have decent funding for the initiative in phase 1 with $20 million. that is a healthy sum of money. what exactly are you doing with this? >> first of all, thank you again. this funding will help to begin phase 1 of the project and ccac is a great place to be at this time for the workforce development. >> what we will be doing is to finalize the planning and design for the new workforce to allow us to bring in new, exciting and innovative workforce training initiatives in line with the current demands in the future of the work force. >>> is this a brand-new building? >> it is a brand-new facility that is designed to support the

new programs and services on the north side of the campus. >> when we think of ccac, this is nothing new and you have been doing workforce training, so what will be new and different about this? >> workforce trainingis continually evolving. in the areas we want to interest, that includes automotive technology, additive manufacturing which supports the need of the general electric. we also want to look at plastic technology, expanding our mega tronics to support the needs. >> i think the plants are right in line here. >> when you think aligning with our businesses and industries, we are always looking at what is next, and what areas do we want to ensure we are developing programs in order to support the development of the skilled workforce to support our future needs. >>> that is smart because we

have to be a step ahead and order to be successful as a community college. i don't think there's any doubt that ccac and other community colleges around the nation have been doing a great job in this area. to what extent are you in daily contact with local employers or do they communicate with you about what they are looking for in terms of skills for the 21st century? >> to work collaboratively we have advisory boards that work regularly with the discipline, faculty to talk about the curriculum and to affirm that what we are offering is what they are looking for, and also to supply input and what we need to explore. they are the experts in the field that can help us design our curriculum, to give us the training experience, and we begin this very successful program. >>> it is so important to

understand, and i have done some stories on this, but you don't need a four-year college degree to be a successful producing person in american society, and in fact uld easily make in the six figure income with a certificate or associate's degree from a community college. it is really an attractive alternative and where are you saying, when you talk to these employers, what skills are in high demand right now? >> some are in healthcare, information technology, finance, and we are leading in many of these areas. in the area of healthcare we are the second largest producer of registered nurses in this region. >> is that right, ccac is the second largest producer of nurses?

>> we are just behind the university of pittsburgh, number 12 nationally for the number of graduate nurses we produce in at number 11 nationally for the hipp graduates, and our area is centered around healthcare. >> that will not change, and as we age we will need more of those folks. >> that's right, talking about the aging environment we are the producers of the certified nursing aides. there is a need for individuals to support and work with these individuals to give them the level of support they need as well.>>> we have used this figure before and it is true, but the need gets bigger for the younger folks because 10,000 baby boomers a day are retiring, 10,000 every day are retiring. clearly the ccac can help to

fill those jobs, those spots. >> absolutely. the thing about the ccac graduates, 95% will stay in this area. think about the commitment with our community that affirms the true value of the community college. >>> dr. quinton bullock, thank you for being on the show and for sharing with us. >>> we will be back with more of

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