Summer Success

Dr. Bullock prepares some BBQ at home
Article by: Dr. Quintin Bullock, CCAC President
Firstly, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate the more than 2200 CCAC students who officially became graduates earlier this month. The students who marched at the CCAC 2017 Commencement ceremony on May 18 represented a diverse range of programs, from Nursing to Culinary Arts, from Paramedics to Cybersecurity, from Art to Criminal Justice and so many more.

To our newest batch of CCAC alumni, whether you’re entering the career force or transferring to a four-year college or university, I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I’m so proud of all of you for accomplishing your goals.

The official start of summer may not be here until the end of June, but as far as I and my BBQ apron are concerned, summer is here. First Summer classes have officially begun at CCAC, with two more terms slated to begin on June 5 and July 3.

Whether you’re a CCAC student on the fast track to your degree or home for the summer and looking to tackle some electives while taking advantage of our lower cost and smaller class sizes, summer classes are a great way to lighten your course load, advance in your degree program and keep your study skills sharp during the long summer months.

But even if you are not taking CCAC summer classes this year (although there is still time to sign up if you change your mind), I wanted to share some tips, resources and information that will help you maximize your time this summer and roll into fall semester with all of your to-dos checked off, refreshed and ready to learn.

First, the to-do list. If you haven’t already registered for your Fall 2017 classes, that’s definitely the thing you want to tackle first! Registering early makes it much easier to ensure a spot in your core classes.

If you’re unsure of what classes you need to take next, particularly if you’re planning to transfer, meeting with an academic advisor is probably your best bet for making sure your fall schedule is in order.

If you’re free on Saturday, June 10, you can even swing by one of our CCAC College Kickstart Days to learn more about CCAC’s 150+ programs, meet with faculty, staff and students, and take care of a lot of your fall registration tasks in the span of one afternoon. Side note: many locations have snacks and prize giveaways. I don’t know about you, but I’m always much happier to fill out necessary paperwork when there are snacks at the ready.

Important reminder: if you’re registered for Fall 2017 classes and need to drop one or all of them for any reason, try to do so as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the add/drop dates at MyCCAC to ensure you’re not charged any more than necessary and that you receive the maximum refund of any tuition you may have already paid.

If you haven’t already completed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the due date to fill out the FAFSA for the 2017-18 academic year is June 30. The FAFSA school code for all CCAC campuses and centers is 003231, and the financial aid area of the CCAC website has a lot of great additional information to help you take care of your paperwork.

Much like doing your taxes, the FAFSA isn’t actually as bad as it sounds, but if you run into trouble, the CCAC Financial Aid office at your campus is here to help! Taking care of your financial aid paperwork early will make it that much easier to pay tuition, knock out fees and purchase books and other supplies well before the start of fall classes.

Once you’ve taken care of all of your fall to-dos, there’s just one thing left to do: relax! Be sure to get plenty of rest and have plenty of fun this summer so you can come back on August 21 or September 5 ready and rarin’ to successfully take on the 2017-2018 school year. To help you along, here’s a list of some great places to check out and day trips to take in and around Allegheny County. Tweet me your vacation photos at @QBpresCCAC!

Have an amazing summer, CCAC students! I’m taking a summer hiatus with the blog, but I’ll be back on the last Tuesday in August with another blog post just in time for the start of fall semester.

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