5 Things You Need to Do Before Starting Classes (and 3 Things to Do Right After)

CCAC To Do List
Article by: Dr. Quintin Bullock, CCAC President

Welcome back, CCAC students! Where did the summer go? This time next week, the first of the CCAC Fall 2017 classes will be starting up again, with the second round starting on September 5. (You may want to check your schedule online to make sure which start date your classes fall under.)

Whether you are a new or returning student, there are probably a lot of last-minute to-dos to cross off your checklist before the semester begins. It is with this in mind that I wanted to go ahead and share this particular blog post a little earlier than usual.

You can take care of any outstanding enrollment tasks by dropping in on Wednesday, August 16 from 9:00am to 4:00pm at all four CCAC campuses or by making an appointment online (which will save you time during the start-of-semester rush.)



Before your classes start, have you:

  1. Paid for your classes? The due date for fall 2017 is Wednesday, August 16, so make sure you have paid your balance or set up a payment plan by the end of the day to avoid any late fees. You can set up payment plans and pay online for classes in the MyCCAC student portal.
  2. Finalized your classes for the semester? If you need to drop a class, you can receive a 100% refund for any fees paid by dropping classes by Saturday, August 19 for classes starting August 21 and Saturday, September 2 for classes starting September 5. Check the Academic Calendar in the MyCCAC portal for other important academic dates and deadlines.
  3. Applied for CCAC scholarships? Fill out the CCAC Educational Foundation STARS online application and you will be automatically entered into all CCAC scholarships for which you are eligible. It’s that easy! The deadline is August 21, so don’t wait too long to get started.
  4. Purchased your textbooks? Don’t show up unprepared on your first day! Visit the bookstore at your campus or center to pick up all of your textbooks as well as school supplies, snacks and CCAC hoodie or water bottle all in one convenient place.
  5. Created a study plan? For every credit hour, it is recommended you spend 2-3 hours outside of class studying and doing homework. Once you have your class schedule in your planner or calendar, blocking off additional time to devote to your studies will help you stay on top of your classes and develop good study habits and time management skills.

I’d like to leave you with three more key things you may want to keep in mind during your first week or two of classes:

  1. Start off on the right foot. Especially if you’re new to CCAC, leave yourself plenty of time to find parking and locate your classrooms so you can get in on time and ready to learn. Introduce yourself to your instructors, participate in classes and get your homework due dates into your calendar ASAP.
  2. Visit the Student Life office at your campus or center. Whether you’re interested in sports, clubs, student newspaper or government, volunteerism and civic engagement or just want to meet new people, the Student Life office is the information hub that can help connect you with the social and academic services you need to succeed (and have fun!)
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you have a question, it means someone else probably does as well, and instructors are happy to clarify difficult concepts and share their expertise. The CCAC Learning Commons, Math Cafés and Libraries are also available if you have additional questions or just want a quiet, supportive place to work.

Good luck this semester! I know you’ll do just fine. Tweet at me at @QBpresCCAC with your questions, comments and any vacation stories or favorite summer classes!

The next Bullock’s Blog post will be out at its regularly scheduled time on the last Tuesday of the month, August 29. That’s right: two posts this month! I hope you're all as excited as I am.

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