Setting Achievable Goals

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Article by: Dr. Quintin Bullock, CCAC President

Welcome back to another exciting fall semester at CCAC! I hope those of you returning had a relaxing and productive summer and that those of you joining us for the first time are excited to be starting your first classes.

I want to start off this school year by talking a little bit about goals. I’m a firm believer in the idea that, whatever your goals are, it is important to speak them and believe them if you’re going to achieve them.

If you stay optimistic and embrace what you really want, you’ll be able to find success, even if that success looks a little bit different than you had originally envisioned. To that end, I believe the best goals not only have a specific outcome in mind, but are also tailored to your specific preferences.

Setting yourself up for success in achieving your goals, academic or otherwise, can be as easy as taking a little extra time to check in with yourself and be honest about how you do your best work.

Not a morning person? Try planning your class schedule around afternoon or evening classes. Can’t think on an empty stomach? Stash some emergency study snacks in your school bag or check out the CCAC cafeteria between classes. Learn best when you study in a group? Check out the tutoring center, Learning Commons or Math Café at your campus or talk to your classmates about setting up a study group.

Setting goals and achieving success requires more than just talk—it requires action. But when you know what you want, how you work and you have done the leg work to set up a system that works for you, that foundation will make it that much easier for you to get to where you want to go.

I’m going to finish up with a couple of important start-of-semester reminders:

  • Attending a CCAC campus or online orientation is crucial to starting off on the right foot and familiarizing yourself with the resources available on campus. If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for?
  • If you need to drop a class for any reason, log into the MyCCAC portal and drop the class AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. To wait is to risk not getting a full or partial refund. Check the financial aid deadlines in the calendar at
  • Your student email account will be the primary location of many important classroom announcements, communications and academic deadlines. I recommend checking your account at least once a week or even setting up email forwarding to an account you check regularly to ensure you never miss a deadline.

Good luck this semester! And feel free to reach out with any questions or just to say hello—I’m on Twitter at @QBpresCCAC. Also: don't forget to cast your vote for the next CCAC mascot!

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