How to Change Your Life (or Career) in Less Than a Year

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Article by: Dr. Quintin Bullock, CCAC President

One of my favorite things about CCAC is our culture of continuous innovation. We are always developing new programs, coursework and academic partnerships designed to meet the needs of our community and our students.

One of our newest offerings is the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training program, which will be starting up in the spring 2017 semester at CCAC Boyce Campus. This program is designed to prepare students to successfully complete the Pennsylvania CDL Class A License examination and can be fully completed in just six weeks.
I find it especially exciting that the students who enter this program could well be trained, licensed and ready to enter a new and in-demand career field in less than two months. Two months! It’s such a short period of time for such a huge career and life change.
This got me thinking about some of the other programs at CCAC that can be started and completed relatively quickly, even from a two-year college perspective.
There are a lot of reasons why someone might choose a shorter program. Maybe they’re just starting out and want to learn a valuable and marketable skill quickly; maybe they’re looking for a speedy career change; maybe life or family circumstances don’t lend themselves to a lengthy program of study. Whatever the reason, the flexibility and convenience of these brief or accelerated programs cannot be overstated.
Here are just a few programs at CCAC that can be completed in months or even weeks rather than years:

  • Entrepreneurship: The Entrepreneurship certificate program is a fairly new addition to the CCAC academic lineup. This 18-credit program can be completed in just two semesters and provides aspiring small business owners and solopreneurs the foundational business skills they need to get their venture up and running quickly.

  • Barber School: Recently started up at CCAC Homewood-Brushton Center, this in-demand program can be completed in 10 months with full-time enrollment. Combine with the Entrepreneurship certificate program for maximum results!

  • Phlebotomist: Want to break into the health care profession fast? The Phlebotomist diploma can be completed in as little as one full-time semester. Bonus: eligible applicants might be able to enroll in this program for free through the Pathway to Success in Healthcare grant.

  • Accelerated Professional Programs: CCAC has a range of degree and certificate programs specifically designed to be completed entirely online quickly by working professionals who may not have the flexibility to attend day or in-person classes. Many certificates can be completed in as little as two semesters.

  • Nurse Aide Training Program: This non-credit training program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to prepare aspiring Nurse Aides to complete their certification exams, and can be completed in as little as four weeks. This program is also eligible for the Pathway to Success in Healthcare grant for qualified students.

Do any of these programs sound interesting to you? You’re in luck—spring 2018 classes are enrolling now! You are also welcome to attend the next CCAC College Kickstart Day coming up on November 11 if you have questions or just want to tour the campus and get squared away for spring.
Let me know on Twitter (@QBpresCCAC) what your plans are for spring classes (especially if you’re thinking of signing up for the CDL program!)

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