• Payroll Department

    Local Wage Tax Withholding

    Act 32 requires all employees to have their local wage taxes withheld from their paycheck. Please read the information found on the Act 32 webpage for the requirements.

    Local Services Tax Reminder

    If CCAC is your secondary employer you must submit at the beginning of each calendar year  a Local Services Tax Exemption form along with proof that you are having the Local Services Tax deducted by your primary employer. 

    Stop Payments on Lost/Stolen Paychecks

    You will be required to complete a Stop Payment Request Form when you ask for a stop payment to be placed on your paycheck. The College has begun to charge employees a Stop Payment fee of $20.00 which will be deducted from the replacement check to recover the costs involved with replacing the paycheck.  This can be avoided by enrolling in direct deposit. 

    Payroll Forms

    The Payroll web pages contain various references to documents. When you click on the link for a particular document you will be directed to the Payroll Department Forms Web page where you will need to select the form you want from an alphabetical list of documents. This has been done to facilitate updating these web pages; to insure that you retrieve the most current version of the document you desire.


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    Colleague Users

    Information for staff who enter stipends (on STPS, XTSP and/or XNIS) and/or enter hours for pay periods (on TCDE) in the Colleague system.