• Physical Therapist Assistant (628.2)
    Associate of Science


    The Physical Therapist Assistant program is designed to prepare graduates to perform physical therapy procedures and related tasks under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist.  Graduates complete 715 hours of supervised clinical experience that is coordinated with 450 hours of classroom learning.  The physical therapist assistant (PTA) performs a variety of treatment procedures in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, schools, patient homes, sports medicine clinics and private practices.  Through the utilization of therapeutic modalities, and exercise, and other techniques, physical therapy aids patients in the relief of pain and discomfort as well as assisting the disabled in restoring optimal functioning.

    Enrollment is limited by availability of clinical sites and other factors.  Students must submit separate application to be considered for program admission.  Applicants should have a successful record of achievement in high school courses or develop these skills prior to program admission.  Students must also meet pre-program requirements, which include the successful completion of BIO-151 General Biology 1 or BIO-110 Introduction to Biological Science or completion of the Biology Waiver Examination.  Exception: Anatomy & Physiology 1 and/or 2 successfully completed.

    The Physical Therapist Assistant Program is accredited  by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), 1111 Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; 703.684.2782, www.apta.org.

    Graduates of this accredited program will be eligible to take the National Physical Therapy Examination for Physical Therapist Assistants (NPTE-PTA) administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT).  A felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to take the National Physical Therapy Examination for Physical Therapist Assistants (NPTE-PTA).

    Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

    1. Meet the requirements for an Associate of Science degree exhibiting entry level competencies as a physical therapist assistant; be prepared to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination for the Physical Therapist Assistant (NPTE-PTA) and gain employment.
    2. Display professional behaviors that are congruent with the core values, standards and ethics of the physical therapy profession.
    3. Demonstrate respect for cultural diversity, lifestyle values and choices of others.
    4. Communicate effectively with clients, family members and other health care providers.
    5. Utilize reflective judgment and problem solving skills and demonstrate participation in professional development opportunities to promote health and wellness.


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    Degree Requirements
    Graduation from the Physical Therapist Assistant Program requires a letter grade of “C” or better in all courses listed in the program of studies.

    First Semester

    Course #Course NameCredits
    BIO-160Introduction to Human Pathology3
    BIO-161Anatomy & Physiology 1 4
    ENG-101English Composition 13
    PSY-101Introduction to Psychology3
    PTA-101Introduction to Physical Therapy4
    Total Credits: 17

    Second Semester

    Note: PTA-112 Name change effective fall 2015 from Physical Therapy Clinical Observation to Introduction to Physical Therapy Clinical Education
    Course #Course NameCredits
    BIO-162Anatomy & Physiology 24
    ENG-102English Composition 23
    PTA-102Physical Therapy Principles and Procedures 14
    PTA-103Physical Therapy Principles and Procedures 24
    PTA-112CIntroduction to Physical Therapy Clinical Education1
    -Health and Physical Education Elective (1–2 credits)1–2
    Total Credits: 17–18


    Course #Course NameCredits
    MATMathematics Elective3-4
    Total Credits: 3–4
    Mathematics Elective (MAT level 100 or higher but not MAT-195)

    Fourth Semester

    All academic coursework (all course in PTA Program of Studies) must be completed prior to enrolling in Fourth Semester PTA courses: PTA-212, PTA-213 and PTA-215.
    Course #Course NameCredits
    PTA-212CPhysical Therapy Clinical Education 25
    PTA-213CPhysical Therapy Clinical Education 35
    PTA-215Physical Therapy Professional Exploration2
    Total Credits: 12
    Minimum Credits to Graduate: 67–69

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  • Physical Therapist Assistant Admissions Requirements

    Students interested in admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program must have completed the following steps.