• Real Estate Continuing Education

    Real estate agents must earn 14 hours of continuing education in a two-year cycle. You can meet that requirement and broaden your knowledge base at the same time.  The Center For Professional Development provides a range of courses for real estate agents and students of the field. Courses are offered throughout the year in 7 hour classes of credit toward the mandatory requirement. CCAC course topics include:

    • New Laws Affecting Real Estate/Valuation and Evaluation
    • Property Management (valuation of commercial property)
    • Property Assessment and the Internet
    • Real Estate Financing and Valuation
    • Consumer Protection and Disclosures

    Real Estate Course Offerings

    CCAC offers 14 hours of continuing education classes approved by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission. These classes will help agents meet the Real Estate Continuing Education requirement and broaden their knowledge base at the same time. Students are reminded to bring their real estate license numbers to each class. Real Estate 14 HR Schedule

    CCAC also offers a 75 hour Real Estate Fundamentals/Practice course for anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent.

    Registration Options

    • Because CCAC cares about your privacy, we cannot process credit card information by mail. Please visit CCAC Noncredit Store to register or call 412.788.7546. VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express accepted.
    • Register in person: Walk in to any CCAC campus between 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Hours may vary by campus. 
    • Register by mail: Print and complete the registration form on brochure. Enclose a check or money order and mail to:


    Dr. Francis Sekula
    Account Executive
    Workforce Development Professional Continuing Education
    CCAC West Hills Center
    1000 McKee Road
    Oakdale, PA 15071-1099
    Phone: 412.788.7382